Hi OAP friends, I’ve been pretty busy lately with back to back trips to Shanghai and Singapore. I’ll be posting my adventures soon and the yummy treats I discovered. As you all know I love Shanghai and if ever I move out of Manila for an expat assignment that is the only place I want to be.

My mac crashed on me back to back as well over a two weeks period. I’m an expert already on how to reinstall OSX 10.4.10 and all the software that I use. I lost some data but the important thing is that all of my photos are intact. I started to do back to back back-ups to a spare hard disk and to an iPod. Let me know if are encountering the same problem because I might be of help.

I was also got invited back to back to write an article for Inquirer which was released last Sunday and another one for Yummy in the November issue. Thanks for all the greetings on the article. We are thrilled to write that fun article for Sunday Inquirer Magazine. Thanks to Penny of SIM and Margaux for recommending me to write for SIM. I’m updating the links and contact information in the blog posts for those who want to try the awesome restaurants.

It is sad that Lasalle lost to Ateneo back to back and this is the first time I’ve seen it happen ever since college (I think). But the last game was a great game and it was a shoot out between the two squads. It was mentally and physically draining for both such that they lost in their subsequent games. But Ateneo’s happy days will be over today after the playoffs for the twice to beat advantage. Animo La Salle!