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I’m happy that Wensha Spa has opened its second branch in Manila. I’m excited because it is the first 24 hours Spa in the CCP area. When I was training for the marathon, my usual route was from the DLSU area to SM Mall of Asia and back. As I finish my 10k run, I thought of going to a spa to rest and have a foot massage after. Problem is, most of the spa in Manila and Pasay Area opens at around 11am.

My running days won’t ever be the same again because of Wensha spa. I’m now looking forward to the days I would run my 10k, because I can justify the P500 foot massage after each run. Care to join me in one of my weekend runs…

I like the overall concept as it introduce new ways to enjoy your spa experience. First, all the massage treatments includes a buffet and unlimited servings of soup and drinks. But don’t expect too much on the food because it ‘s nothing to rave about (hmm, I should complain once I get to be a regular there). Second, you can stay for as long as 12 hours. In fact, you can decide to sleep after the massage and no one would wake you up. Third, it uses a unique sensor type locking mechanism to ensure security of your belongings in the locker. The prices are quite reasonable and I love the P800 body and foot combination for one hour where two therapist would massage you at the same time. Isn’t it just great?

It is a legit spa and there is no “happy endings” in this place or else, I’ll be banned from going to this place by you know who…. I do hope it gets a better reputation from its Timog counterpart where they say that people who work in the nightclubs are their usual customer in the early mornings after their “night” shift. Since they just opened, the crowd is in their late 20s / early 30s and I do hope it will maintain a friendly atmosphere.

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You can check out the Wensha Spa Services. I would recommend the Body and Foot combination which they call promo 1 for P800.

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This is the dining area where you can see the buffet at the far end of the picture. I enjoyed the soup and unlimited drinks. They also have a chinese ala carte menu and variety of desserts. In the dining area, one thing that you won’t miss is the TV show projected on the walls. This is just the to watch basketball or boxing games with other people.

Wensha Spa - 8; /></a> <br />The buffet meal that comes free with the massage services includes two dishes, rice, and unlimited soup and drinks. Not bad?. After running for 10k, I can eat anything but of course, I still need to watch what I eat. </p><p> <a href=Wensha Spa - 7; /></a> <br />This is the high-tech locker room key which uses a sensor for the locks. BTW, before going inside the locker room, you have to change to the slippers provided by Wensha Spa. </p><p> <a href=Wensha Spa - 10 v
This is how the men’s locker room looks like. On the left, you will enter into the shower and sauna area. It is mostly patronized by Pinoy. The shower cubicles have frosted glass doors and a mirror in front of you so that you can see yourself when taking a shower.

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The dining area is quite big and I like to hang out in this area with friends. After this, you enter into the Men’s massage area where you are greeted by a brightly lit hallway with bamboo trees and white pebbles along the path.

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Most of the rooms are private room that can accommodate two people. All the massage beds are relatively new so it is nice to sleep here after the massage. The therapists came from the Timog branch and I should say that their massage passed my standards.

Here are the address:
Wensha Spa CCP
Besides Legend Restaurant and in front of World Trade Center along Buendia
For inquiries, call 832-0515. Wensha Spa is open 24/7

Wensha Spa Q.C.
Timog corner quezon avenue (across the former circle theater).


P. S. Please be careful…