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SM Supermarket - 7

I hate supermarkets. I drag my feet every time my wife would suggest to go to one. I don’t like to go from one aisle to another in search for diapers or milk. Most of the supermarkets in Manila are not designed for you to hang around. The only time I would go to one would be to do a store check of our products as part of work. I also do shelf management for supermarkets so every time I go to a supermarket, it reminds me of that work. Maybe, I hate supermarkets because I don’t like following a certain routine or I don’t cook at all (surprisingly). My wife can attest to the number of arguments and negotiations just to convince me to shop in a supermarket on a weekly basis.

There is only one supermarket that I love going to. I love going to SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia which I think is the best supermarket in Manila!

Top 8 Things Why We Love SM Hypermarket in MOA

1. SM Hypermarket in MOA, is Aidan’s playground. You should hear Aidan say “Papa, go SM” with a paawa effect facial expression. We love it because it is spacious, and there is enough carts with this little Tykes car. We never had a problem getting one of these cars even on a peak hour like Sunday evening. We would imagine that this is the MOA race circuit for Aidan and racing through the food section, to the non food, all the way to the apparel and appliance section. Going to SM is a special bonding moment for the entire family.

2. Best Value for Pampers. We know that the prices in SM are a little bit higher than Cash and Carry, Puregold, Shopwise or Robinson’s which are SM’s competitors in the Mall of Asia catchment area. We live in the area and my wife would alternate between Cash and Carry or Puregold to get the best deals. But buying the Pamper’s XL 34’s with free 6 pads is more than enough motivation to go to SM Hypermarket. We know that this is the best place to buy Pampers and Mr. Sy would ensure that it stays that way.

SM Supermarket - 2

3. Exclusive Foodie Products like Mother Earth. We know that you have to drive all the way to Pampanga just to buy Mother Earth goodies. Also, you can get most of the delicacies in the Philippines in SM MOA if you are craving for one. They also have Cebu Lechon available in Taste Asia beside the Supermarket. They have a wide assortment of fresh products that are very competitive in price even vs. Cash and Carry.

SM Supermarket - 1

4. Big and Breathable. We usually shop during peak hours and we don’t have any problem with it. The hypermarket has high ceiling and offers breathable spaces for you to relax if you want to avoid the crowd. We would go to the apparel and appliance section if we want to do a leisure drive around the hypermarket. Check out lines are short and we are always the second in line. There was no occasion where we have to wait 30 minutes or more in the check outs.

SM Supermarket - 3

5. Retailtainment Live. There are a lot of entertaining demo booths like this Knorr Kitchen or Anlene’s Calcium Check up. If I want to be in touch with competitors activity in the supermarkets, I just need to go to SM MOA and you’ll already get a sense of the battle for consumer minds. We also like the high tech price barcode checkers located strategically around the supermarket. There are a lot of exciting innovations happening in MOA so the shopping experience is “unique” every time you go there and not the usual boring shopping list routine.

SM Supermarket - 5

6. Kids Essentials Heaven. After the race around the supermarket, we would have a pit stop in Kids Essentials area where Aidan can check out all the toys. There is an extensive assortment of toys made from China so some of the prices are reasonable. This pit stop is risky because we might end up buying a toy for Aidan that is expensive with no canvassing being done by my wife.

SM Supermarket - 8

7. Parking was never a problem. The best part is parking was never a problem except when it rains heavily. We usually change to a normal supermarket cart where Aidan can sit and we would run to the parking lot with the cart. Usually, I hate bringing the “stuff” and load it at the back of the car but not when it becomes another special bonding occasion between you and your son.

SM Supermarket - 10

8. Taste Asia, still the Best Kept Secret in Mall of Asia. I’ve raved about Taste Asia @ MOA about a year ago. Since then, they now have an airconditioned area and they still serves the best of the Philippines. It is a Dampa with a Tiendesitas concept where you can find Filipino delicacies and food that you would crave for. Where can you find delicious filipino food at only P500 where you get pancit canton, sisig, pusit and pinakbet good for 5 people? We love eating Sunday Dinner here and in the end, may take-out pa.

SM Supermarket - 12

For us, SM really stands for Special Moments Hypermarket. Thanks to SM for being part of our lives. We are looking forward to more excitement in your store….


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Taste Asia @ MOA- Best Kept Secret in Mall of Asia

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