Three of the Photo Contest I intend to join this year. Hoping for the best! (Updated Aug. 20,2007)

Canon Photo Marathon Asia
Canon Photo Marathon Asia 2007
Official Website: Canon Photo Marathon Asia
Philippines Competition is on September 15

To celebrate Canon’s 70th Anniversary, Canon in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam bring you Canon Photo Marathon Asia 2007 – a unique photography contest that challenges your imagination and empowers you to set new standards in photography.

Show us what you can do based on various themes assigned to you under the pressure of time. Your creativity and endurance to complete the marathon will give you a chance to win attractive Canon prizes and/or a Photo Clinic with a professional photographer to Japan.

Each country will organise local photo marathons where 2 winners will be selected and stand a chance to win the grand prize of a Photo Clinic to Japan.

Experience the sights and sounds of Kyushu, Japan as you go on a Photo Clinic with professional photographer Triston Yeo who will provide you with varied photo opportunities to enhance your skills and capture unique insights into this amazing island.

From the bustling Fukuoka Street Culture to one of the world’s largest active volcanos – Mount Aso at Aso National Park, Kyushu offers many fascinating sights. Enjoy the Beppu hot spring bath and visit the well-known ‘Dragon Whirlpool’ – a fiery geyser that erupts violently every 22 minutes. At the same time, experience traditional Japanese rituals such as the Yutoku Inari Shrine Fire Festival, all with the insider view of a local guide.

PAL Photo Contest
Capture the Beauty of the Philippines PAL Photo Contest (Deadline: September 29, 2007)
Official Website: PAL Photo Contest

THE THEME: Capture “The Beauty of the Philippines!”
Send in your most superb images that illustrate the best of anything and everything about the Philippines. The theme is divided into the following:

The Beauty of Philippine Scapes (Scenic shots. If the shots include people in the frame, the ratio to the total composition should be very minimal)
– landscapes
– seascapes
– cityscapes
– nightscapes
– underwater shots
– historical landmarks
– architecture
– leisure spots
– night-out hotspots

The Beauty of the Filipino Spirit (portraits, people, values)
– People (the major element in the composition should be a person/people)
– Remarkable depictions of Filipino values (i.e., industriousness, sincerity, simplicity, earnestness, etc.);
– human emotions (i.e. triumph, love, happiness, etc.); Family, Friendship, Childhood, etc.

The Beauty of Filipino Culture (fests, events, arts, lifestyle)
– festivities
– events
– traditions
– arts
– food

*The indicated elements are suggestions, ideas, and guides as to subjects that can fall under the theme. Subjects for the entries, however, ARE NOT LIMITED TO THESE elements alone.

Participants may use any Digital or Film based camera, provided that the photo Entry/s will be printed on an EPSON printer (Printer’s serial number is needed) and on any brand of photo papers.

Transit Photo Contest (Deadline: August 31, 2007)
Official Site: Transit Photo Contest

Set for a local destination this summer?

Armed with your digicam? (of course!) Do you keep on taking pictures? (whether you develop them or not)
Sounds very much like us – so we’ve found a way for you to make use of these pictures – we, serial trigger happy summer people keep on taking…

So, Earn big prizes! by sending us your LOCAL summer destination pictures – here’s what we’re looking for:
Summer Destination Pictures of the Best Destinations the Philippines – like Siargao, Bohol, Boracay, Pagudpud, Batanes, Cebu , and other vacation destinations. Photos may include famous landmarks like historical churches and houses, animals, rivers, beaches, etc.

How to Join? Submit your photo entries to Transit Publishing Corp. (5F Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd corner Dr. J Quintos St., Manila) on or before the last day of submission of entries.

*You must include a 10″ x 11″ or 10″x14″ sized print of your photo entry and the printed copy of the contest’s application form (click to download). Please affix your signature at the back of the developed copy of your picture.

When does it start? Contest period is from May 30, 2007 – extended to August 31, 2007

Who can join? Anyone with a camera (digital or not) or mobile camera phone – except professionals.