This was a tough but fun post that I’m glad Franco convinced me to write. I always love to eat and look for unique experiences even before I started blogging. So my wife and I had to brainstorm on the top 10 Most Memorable Meals ever in our life. In some cases, I have to dig up old photos just to share with you the experience. The list below is in no particular order because each one is unique and memorable in itself. The common denominator between all of them is that they are enjoyed with love ones or friends that you care about enjoying sumptuous meals that you will never forget. Enjoy this list:

My Most Memorable Meals Ever by our Table Guest, Anton

Thanks to Franco or Joey in real life whom I met at the food photography seminar, for the chance to blog that fun post. Sharkey, in real time is my cousin-in-law Pam, decided to leave Table for Three together with Senor Macho. Now, we have to guess, Stich and Salamia’s real identity. Hope to see Stich and Salamia’s personality in the Table for Three posts