T House - 8
T H E D E F I N I T I V E G U I D E T O T – H O U S E , T A G A Y T A Y
T-House embodies the luxurious charms of a Boutique Hotel with the service and warmth of a
Bed and Breakfast Place, and affordability of a typical hotel outside Metro Manila.
It is a blessed place with sacred grounds because of its close proximity to the Ina ng Laging
Saklolo Parish Church. It redefines your definition of a weekend escape in Tagaytay!
T House - 31


” Fresh, cool air… Relaxing Ambiance… Good Food, Great Service… Plus all the comforts of pleasureable Living…”

” T-House is your tranquil home in Tagaytay. A cozy 15-room bed and breakfast, every facet of the T-house has been designed to let relaxation flow naturally. Gaze at the abundant mango and jack fruit-laden orchard and mahogany trees that surround this clean, modern architecture, with zen-inspired rooms and landscape.” (T – House, Tagaytay Official Website)

T-House Tagaytay
Telephone: (+63 46) 483.0011, (+63 46) 483.0012
Mobile: +63 922-8THouse
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 3195 Calamba Road, Tagaytay City

T House - 36
I’ve always wondered what T-house means when I pass by this place. Lori had a good post on it and like many, I was dying to try it out 🙂
> T is for Tranquility (1st of 2 Parts)
> T is for Tranquility (last of 2 Parts): The Food

T House - 37

I was pleasantly surprised that it was beside Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish Church. Everytime we go to Tagaytay, we usually stressed out on how to hear Sunday mass with Aidan. We would usually alternate because we cannot contain Aidan (2.5 yrs old) anymore in the Church. Thanks to T-house, our Tagaytay weekend experience is indeed stress free because we can schedule our sunday mass easily without any hassle. Here are the Sunday Mass Schedule in Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish Church:

6.00pm Saturday Anticipated Mass
7.00am, 8.30am and 5.00pm Sunday Mass
here is the Complete Mass Schedule)

T House - 35
You will be greeted by this lovely circular reception. They will offer you a cold towel and cold drink to relax you as you settle down for your tranquil weekend in Tagaytay.

T House - 46
The green tea soaps available in T-house are specially made for them by Ilog Maria. You’ll definitely need the mosquito repellant if you forgot to bring one during your stay in T-house.


” Each of our rooms has a different personality. Divided into three clusters — Fire, Earth and Water — each has its “yin” and “yang”. But all the necessary creature comforts: air conditioning, cable, TV, wifi connection, hot and cold showers with a set of herbal soaps and bath amenities. A perfect melding of rural comforts and urban pleasure”

Tranqui Garden Deluxe Rooms, Earth Cluster – Biggest Rooms

T House - 56
Earth Room 4 and Earth Room 5 (P5,000++). These are the two biggest rooms and I highly recommend that you booked these rooms if you have a family. We stayed in Earth room 4 (lower door) while the photos you see in Lori’s blog are from Earth Room 5 (door with stairs). The room rates includes breakfast for two. Guests in excess of two and above 12 years old will be charged Php 500 ++ per head (without breakfast). The rooms can easily accommodate up to 4-5 people because of its big sofa beds.

T House - 1
These are the double beds in Earth room 4. The beautiful fabrics are designed by Romy Glorioso which bring to life the different personality of the rooms — from the fiery warmth of the sheets in the fire cluster, the homey comforts at the earth cluster, and the cool ever-changing hues of the water cluster.

T House - 2
April Inocentes, who owns the place, is very proud of the comfort rooms. Together with her mom, they designed and hand-picked the stuff for it. Although just after one month of operation, there are already maintenance issues (like tarnished flush) and I do hope they will be able to maintain it over time.

T House - 9
Aidan loves this sofa bed and decided to sleep here instead. I love the Japanese zen feeling of opening the sliding doors with the view of mahogany trees and bamboo in the simple garden. One downside of building the rooms amidst the trees is that you should expect other companions in the room (big black ants, mosquitoes, etc..) which is part of the overall ambiance of the place. Also, the sliding doors were not done with quality because it is always a struggle to lock it.

Tranquil Superior, Earth Rooms – Standard hotel type rooms
T House - 52
Tranquil Superior Rooms, Earth Cluster ( P3,000 ++). These are the cheapest rooms and you need to add 12% VAT and 3% service charge. This is basically a hotel room for friends and barkada. There are a total of 10 superior rooms in T-house (4 in the Fire Cluster, 4 in the Earth Cluster, and 2 in the Water Cluster).

T House - 53
This is one of the superior rooms with a standard king size room bed with decent space to go around.

T House - 55
This is how the rest room in the superior room looks like. Nothing fancy.

Tranquil Deluxe Rooms with Bathtub @ Water Cluster !
T House - 33
The Water Cluster is located at the back of T-house. The Deluxe rooms have Bathtub (P4,000++) and there are only 3 rooms (2 in water cluster, and 1 in the earth cluster). This is definitely a room for honeymooners or couple!

T House - 49
I love the coolness of these rooms with the clever use of different shades of blue and white motif.

T House - 48

Don’t you love to use this bath tub?

Tranquil Superior @ Fire Cluster

T House - 58

This is the entrance to the fire rooms which is directly behind the main reception area. The three clusters (fire, earth, water) are different houses before and hence the different look / setup of each cluster.


(Photo Courtesy of T-House)
The Fire Cluster has this cool reception area which is ideal for the barkada gimmick Tagaytay Escape. We would usually go to Keni Po if we want to drink and stay overnight in Tagaytay with friends . This is a cool alternative place specially if you are a group of 8 or more. You need to reserve the entire Fire Cluster which is composed of 4 superior rooms (P3,000++) so that you can use this cool sofa area.


(Photo Courtesy of T-House) I was not able to take a photo of the Fire rooms so here is the photo from the T-house website.

T-House @ Night

“Hear the impromptu concerts of birds and crickets…
Be smoothed by rippling brooks and fountains…
Smell fresh herbs and flowers growing in the garden…
Enjoy the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee,
Comfort food, and gourmet meals…
Be soothed by our massages and spa treatments…
Or just chill out in natural nooks and crannies…”

T House - 17

Earth Cluster @ Night. It is indeed lovely to just walk around peacefully within the compound.

T House - 11
The T-house drive way with the T-house dining on your right.

T House - 10

Fire Cluster @ night. It is lovely to see the cool circle fountains at night.

The SPA?
T House - 47
(See T-house Spa Services) There is really no spa in T-house. I wouldn’t call this spa per se since it is too crowded and claustrophobic for me. The spa services are provided by Venus Spa in Tagaytay owned by the General Manager of Tagaytay Highlands. The masahistas are very good so I would recommend that you have your massage in the comforts of your room instead.

Some Suggestions for T-House

1. Adding DVD Players inside the rooms would be a great addition to the overall experience in T-house.
2. I do hope that we can have the option of dining inside the room specially having an option for a Breakfast in Bed setup!
3. The acoustic in the T-house Dining is poor such that you can hear the conversations of the people from the next table.
4. They need to do a lot of Pest Control to minimize the “companions” inside the room.
5. Hammocks and hang out areas in the compound is a must. This would add to the overall tranquil experience of the place.
6. T-house would be ideal for a corporate teambuilding / offsite as long as they provide a secure meeting / event place for the group. They can still construct one at the back of the property.
7. Misaligned sliding doors could add stress to the overall experience. I do hope there is a way they can fix it.
8. It should be child friendly with high chairs available in the T-house dining area , and availability of DVDs for children.
9. The only advantage of The Boutique versus T-House is the view of Taal Volcano Lake. In all other aspect, T-house can be much more than The Boutique and I would highly recommend it because of its affordability and overall value for money.
10. The Spa area was disappointing but at least spa services are available.

UPDATE 1/11/08 : T-House Romance