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T-House Dining is a great addition to the competitive eating scene in Tagaytay. It serves the best fluffy pancakes in town that will put Pancake House’s pancakes to shame. It also serves a yummy and oh-so-healthy 4 course dining menu for only P550 net with no additional hidden charges. Lunch and dinner are by reservation only. The 4 course menu consist of two choices of soup, a salad, a main entree and dessert.

Thanks to Emy Mendoza, chef and food consultant for T-House dining, for the great food @ T-House. Their team is committed to improve the menu over time by retaining the best sellers and introducing new ones.

They should improve the desserts which are just OK. Also, they need to replace the dishes with tuna which tastes like canned Century tuna. This is contrary to their gourmet commitment of serving food with fresh ingredients.

T House - 12
The dining area is small but cute with its different kinds and colors of tables and chairs. The capacity is good enough for the maximum number of people staying in T-house. So avoid the peak hours (12nn for lunch and 7pm for dinner) if possible because the in-house guest would have priority.


Shots of Soup, Salad, Entrees, Dessert/ Drinks

T House - 15
Fresh Tomato (Rich and Tart) Made with our secret mix of herbs for an explosion of flavors.
Broccoli & Almond (Chunky and Nutty) Made with soya milk for a creamy and hearty experience.
Wild Mushroom (Creamy and Fresh) Made with Three kinds of mushroom, garlic and truffle oil for a familiar but gourmet experience.
Carrot & Coriander (Smooth & Creamy) served with yoghurt for a surprisingly clean finish.

The soups are really good and healthy. The tomato really taste like tomato, the Broccoli taste like liquified Broccoli. This is one of the unique items in T-House. Healthy living for a start.

T House - 20
T-House Signature Salad with toasted coconut and honey dill dressing. You won’t go wrong with this signature salad. We loved the light honey dill dressing on the fresh greens.

T House - 21
Spiced – Grilled Chicken and Vegetables with Pesto Dressing (Well balanced and light) Freshly grilled spiced chicken breast stacked on grilled capsicums, aubergines and zucchinis topped with white cheese in pesto dressing served with aioli spinach fettucine.

Have you tasted a sweet pesto dressing before? If not, you’ll love the pesto dressing in this entree together with the sweet grill vegetables. The chicken is perfectly cooked with the al dente fettucine pasta.

T House - 24
Banana and langka combination. The desserts are decent. It would have been great to end the meal with a healthy killer dessert!

T-House Breakfast Menu

T House - 39
Fine Homemade Pancakes, Creamy Peanut Butter (P185) served with bacon or ham, butter and jam.

The Best Fluffy and Biggest Pancakes in Tagaytay!! This is something to look forward to when you stay over in T-House.

T House - 41
Garlic Pork Longaniza (P185) served with choice of eggs, garlic rice, and three kinds of salsa.

The Longaniza are the not-so-sweet and not-so-spicy type. Rache enjoyed this.

T House - 42
Quattro Formaggio Omelettes (P200) served with rolls, butter and jam. For those people who love cheese, this is the breakfast choice for you. I just think that it is expensive for P200 but then, it has four kinds of cheese.

T House - 43
Seafood and Tomato Breakfast Crepes (P220) served with rolls, butter and jam. It was OK and we did not like the Tuna that they used for this seafood crepe.

UPDATE 1/11/08 : T-House Romance