Reminicin La Salle - 32
After 12 years, it was good to reminisce the formative days in college with a few alumni who can relate to our nostalgic sentiments. The towering Don Enrique T. Yuchengco Hall crushed our memories of the central gym where all the La Salle Basketball greats used to play.

Reminicin La Salle - 11
This Green and White scene is energizing to see with the usual tambayan crowd and young casual dressed students passing by. I would like to share with you some of our nostalgic thoughts and please free to share your own as well in the comments.

What do you remember most about your La Salle college days?

Reminicin La Salle - 34
The La Salle waiting shed. I remember this is where I get to taste my first love rejection ….

Reminicin La Salle - 36
You would know the Alumni Generation you belong to by the number of buildings and halls you remember. I scored 10 out of 19. I’m really getting old!

1. St. La Salle Hall
2. Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory
3. Dr. John Hall
4. Br. Gabriel Connon Hall
5. E. Yuchengco Hall
6. PGP Chapel
7. University Library
8. Dr. William Hall
9. St. Joseph Hall

10. Dr. A Bloemen Hall
11. Velasco Hall
12. St. Miguel Hall

13. L’ Hermitage
14. St. Mutien Marie Hall
15. Gokongwei Hall
16. STRC Hall

17. Warehouse
18. E. Razon Sports Center
19. GE- Acted Building

Reminicin La Salle - 35
Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.
One of the nice chapel inside the campus. I usually visit the PGP chapel near the library before going to class or after passing by the library.

Reminicin La Salle - 31
The Aristocrat Restaraunt is now called Animo Food Haus and it was not the same anymore. The food is lousy but at least the entire place is airconditioned already.

Reminicin La Salle - 30
I still remember the Japanese stall in the second floor and waffles are the favorite merienda of Lasallians.

Reminicin La Salle - 13
This amphitheater is used as the venue for PEP Rallies, concerts and other school wide events.

Reminicin La Salle - 23
Go La Salle! Go Go La Salle La Salle!! It is nice to hear the drum beats of the Lasalle PEP Squad inside the campus.

Reminicin La Salle - 20
The feared and respected DLSU Basketball team during the PEP Rally.

Reminicin La Salle - 25
The SPS Canteen is operated by the same folks and expect to see the usual canteen food stuff. The SPS canteen is a favorite canteen for the busy student leaders.

Reminicin La Salle - 27
More cramped with these stalls around the dining area.

Reminicin La Salle - 10
At 12 noon, you can still here the Angelus around the campus. Each prayer is ended with:

St. John Baptist De La Salle Pray for Us,
Live Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever.

Reminicin La Salle - 12
You would see the occasional practices of the PEP Squad in what remained of the “Chess Plaza” as we would call it during our time.

Reminicin La Salle - 7
I seldom visit La Salle. Only when there is a Job Fair which is scheduled on June and January where P&G is a Diamond sponsor.

Reminicin La Salle - 6
Oh, the SJ Catwalk! This is where the aspiring models, celebrities, Lasallians would practice their walk on the runway. For us Engineering guys, we usually sit by the side walks or by our tambayan for hours just to watch the beautiful and sexy girls of La Salle.

Reminicin La Salle - 5
Where are the hand painted posters, airbrushed murals or hand-written cartolina announcements? Creativity is lost and replaced by modern poster print outs.

Reminicin La Salle - 4
If you still call it the College Canteen, then I know that you are part of our alumni generation. The name already evolved into CC, C2 or Z Cafe, whatever. We still call it College Canteen. This was usually the tambayan of the beautiful Liberal Arts girls and we were surprised that the beauty index have gone down a bit. Even the porma index is now reduced thanks to the resolution that allowed students to be in pambahay clothes and slippers.

Reminicin La Salle - 1
I was looking for the spagketchup composed of spaghetti noodles and catsup as the sauce, but I cannot find it anymore. Where is the sense of history and tradition here?

Reminicin La Salle - 2
The waffle is gone now and replaced by these popular sandwich and hotdogs bar. The College Canteen is not the same anymore as we remember it.

Reminicin La Salle - 8
I now appreciate seeing the archer statue which will remain as a symbol of La Sallian Excellence.

Reminicin La Salle - 24
After being on the sidelines for a year, let the UAAP games begin. Animo La Salle!!