A Blogger’s Marathon-For-A-Cause

Dearest Our Awesome Planet Friends,

I’m not a runner. I never imagined in my life that I can run 10k. I have used all the possible excuses I can think of — I’m too fat and I cannot handle my weight, it is so boring to run for more than an hour, it is better to sleep to regain energy than to run, it is too hot and I don’t want to get darker than I already am, etc. etc… I realized that I’ve been eating too much when I gained the equivalent weight of Aidan (around 30lbs+) ever since he was born (that is when I started blogging).

Thanks to my boss, Jim Lafferty, who motivated us to run and we formed the P&G Marathon team. I started running since January but I was not disciplined enough to follow the Marathon training plan to the letter. Not until I got Nike Plus, it changed my entire running life. It is my loving companion during my run. Nike Plus would give me statistics about my pacing and how long / how far I already run. It lifts my spirit with the power songs when my legs are already telling me to quit. It plugs me into this virtual community of runners in the Philippines and all over the world. That was good for 21K or half a marathon. I survived the 21K Run for P.E.A.C.E. and 21K Adidas King of the Road. .

On July 22, 2007, I hope to become part of the elite group of the 0.1% of the world’s population who have run a full 42 kilometers marathon. I don’t know if I will finish the 42km run since I’m running at my heaviest weight. I would like to make it meaningful and to run like there is no tomorrow. In partnership with the Pinoy Ultra-Runners’ Run For Your Life, I’m dedicating my first Marathon to Kythe. Kythe is a non-stock, non-profit organization that caters to the psycho-social needs of pediatric patients (especially those with chronic illness, such as cancer) in government hospitals around the country. I would like to solicit donations as part of my first marathon, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Kythe.

Kythe runs various activities and programs for pediatric patients, from in-house playroom activities, and bedside activities like reading books to children, to out-of-hospital trips like visiting zoos, museums, etc; With available but limited funds, they also cater to the medical needs of some indigent patients. It is currently supporting ~9 affiliate government hospitals, and has supported and uplifted the lives of hundreds of patients and their families. More difficult than running my first 42km, their task is way over challenging given the number of patients in various hospitals to support, and very limited resources and fund to support them.

We need your support. The mechanics is simple and patterned after a marathon challenge pledge. I got the idea from Christian Pobre who used to do a Marathon-for-a-Cause for Bukas Sarili. You just need to pledge an amount P10 per Km. If I finish 42km, then you just need to donate P420. If you are generous, you can pledge P100, or $1 or even P1 will do. 100% of the proceeds will go to Kythe. Please put your pledge in the comments section and I will contact you via email on the easy ways to give the donation.

For the bloggers who will also run the Milo Marathon on July 22, let us make this a blogger’s marathon-for-a-cause. You can run as short as 5k and collect pledges / donation from your family and friends. Let me know if you are joining so that I can include you in the list of the Bloggers Running for a Child’s life. We will do a simple dinner/ ceremony afterwards to give the donations to Kythe. Please don’t forget to register in the Milo Marathon this week.

Thanks for all your support in advance. May God reward and bless you for your generosity.



Email me at [email protected] for your pledge or text me for your pledge at +63 928 558 8500