Trinoma, Triangle North of Manila, “soft” opened last 16th of May 2007. The much-awaited opening of an Ayala Mall outside Makati was disappointing. The misadventure started with a game of “Find a Parking Spot” where guards were there to confuse you so you get to tour the mall and you don’t get a parking space immediately. Don’t just park in the open space parking outside the mall, because you will miss on all the fun in playing the game. The fee for playing the game is P30 for the first 4 hours 🙂 Most of the malls that opened which includes Mall of Asia and Serendra, usually have free parking on their first 2 weeks but not Trinoma.

After you get your parking spot, the architects created a maze disguised as a mall which is not characteristic of an Ayala Mall but more of a Robinson’s Galleria Mall. Good luck in finding the shops or resto you want to go to but I’m glad that customer service is available, if you find the information counters. The main lobby area (pictured above) is well landscaped but nothing really to rave about. Don’t you think there’s so much vertical beams around the mall? There is also a road block in the maze where you will have to find your way to enter the mall if you are caught having dinner outside the Main Lobby area after 9pm. Another good luck in finding your way back to your parking.

I was just having fun at this post because “soft” opening for Trinoma means stay away from this mall until the dust settles. I’ve checked out the list of restaurants and shop in the hope of finding something uniquely Trinoma but there was none. Let me know if you find something interesting in Trinoma that is worth raving about. I live in the Malate area so it was not worth the hassle to go to Trinoma. We should have just eaten in SM’s The Block which have more interesting restaurants and shops.

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The main activity center resembles that of Glorietta Mall. I can imagine how crowded it would be during the weekends.

Perhaps, the most entertaining part of the evening was when Aidan met Ronald Mcdonald himself. Surprisingly, Aidan was not scared of Ronald.

The Food Choices have interesting couches amidst the dining tables. It was just claustrophobic because of the low ceiling.

There were booths located on the dark left side of the photo above. Food Choices have a good variety of restaurants that is why this place is packed with crowd.

We decided to eat at Crustacia Crabs & Seafood which have a small area but interesting interiors.

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (P195++). This was not bad for a P50 for each roll. Shrimp was not fresh nor the rice paper was not in good quality. This was one healthy choice.

Thai Catfish Salad (P165++). Just the right amount of serving and it tasted OK.

Thai BBQ Chicken, half (P230++). Chicken was not marinated very well and hence it was not tasty. We had to request for a lot of sauces to compensate for its taste. Better to buy a cheaper whole Andok’s lechon manok.

This was the highlight of my night, when Aidan was in the mood to pose in front of my camera. I’m not sure why he poses this way or who are the people he was imitating. He likes tilting his head towards his right shoulders.

This is yet another pose and he likes the no look pose with hands behind his head. I should take a picture of Aidan with just his Pampers on in this pose.

Let me know if you have a Trinoma secret place. Thanks!!