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Som’s Noodle House – cheap authentic version of SukhoThai (October 25, 2005)

Living Room Area in Som’s Noodle House

I first blog about Som’s when it created a buzz in Rockwell area around October of 2005 (Som’s Noodle House – cheap authentic version of SukhoThai). Ever since then our verdict was the thai food comes close to Sukho Thai except the Pad Thai. Also, after our first trip to Som’s in Rockwell, we never went back because the mosquitoes and flies were annoying us. Their full pledge restaurant along N. Garcia is still down to earth and serves the same quality of food. I liked their idea of having a living/dining room area with TV that you can rent for P100/ hour. It was perfect for us especially since we have kids and we are a big group of 8. Also, this is good if you want to watch a much awaited telenovela with your officemates or simply watching NBA with your friends.

Overall, Som’s is highly recommended for the Sukho-Thai taste of Thai Food except for the Pad Thai.

Check out the Som’s Noodle House Menu

Inside we were surprised that Som’s was a spacious and can accommodate 50+ people. I liked the simple down to earth interior — nothing fancy but you would feel at home and at ease.

Thai Ice Tea (P30+). Aidan did not waste any time to consume one of favorite Thai Iced Tea.

Tom Yam (P135+). It looked super spicy but when you taste it, even Aidan could take the chili levels of this soup. We loved this and this is how we like our Tom Yam Kung.

Bagoong Rice (P95+). This is home-made bagoong rice and it resembles that of Sukho Thai except that the presentation was toned down.

Green Curry (P102+). We love the curry!! It is rich, spicy, and I can still taste the yumminess of this dish. I can’t wait to go back to Som’s.

Pad Thai (P102+). This is always a disappointment. It seems they got it from those ready made, do it yourself pad thai products.

Som’s Noodle House
1766 N. Garcia St. Corner Milagros St. Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati City
Telephone No: +63 927 440 6399

This is along the same road as St. Andrew’s Church and the closed down Cafe Maestro.