Have you tried one of these Apple coated in Caramel Chocolate? It looks yummy and we cannot resist it despite its P80 price tag for this apple coated with caramel, chocolate and nuts. The apple treats ranges from P60-P85 and you’ll wonder is it really worth it?

The only problem with this dessert is the apple. How long has the apple been there? Will it not rot after several days? Well, we got our answer when we sliced our apple. Two-third part of the apple was already rotten so we were only able to eat the top 1/3 part. Next time, I will ask the lady to cut the apple so that I’ll see the insides before paying the hefty price of P80 but my wife says otherwise. The apple was there for days already. It would have survived a week if it was just a plain apple but with the coatings, it would just be a few days.

Can Aidan resist these apple? Can you?

The Apple or Pears coated in Caramel Chocolate with toppings are available at SanFo Treats, Glorietta (Fun Ranch and other malls).