We decided to check out what is the real buzz about Rodic’s Tapsilog. Being a green archer, I’m just starting to discover UP’s foodie delights. In fact, I was talking to Ivan Henares to give us a tour of U.P.’s legendary food places. Rodic’s tapsilog is quietly invading Legaspi Village with two branches — one in Salcedo Street and the other one in Adelantado Street near Makati Medical Plaza. A canteen in a Makati setting which it serves “Jollijeep” type of food in a nice quaint turo-turo setup. The Salcedo Street branch is owned by Ma. Socorro Tecson Mangahas, the daughter of the original owner of the Rodic’s in UP.

The Bestseller in the house is of course Rodic’s Tapsilog. All the silog meals comes with free ice tea and it would only costs P60 net. The Tapsilog is like a shredded bits of sweet beef that is similar to the fruity beef or pork my wife used to buy in Shin Tong Yong (I’m not sure if this is still alive). This is an interesting take on the Tapsilog and now I know why UP folks keep raving about Rodic’s. One of these days, I’ll try to visit the original store in UP. Have you tasted Rodic’s before?

Another UP popular food place I’ve been to is the Chocolate Kiss Cafe – The Good Stuff?

I decided to surprise Rache one Saturday morning. She likes to eat home-cooked Filipino food and I thought Rodic’s in Makati was the perfect lunch venue.

There are pre-cooked food served turo-turo style. Somehow you feel that the food is clean and safe to eat because of the restaurant setup.

We tried the Sisig but we did not like it because it is full of fat. I guess you get what you pay for.

They try to keep the canteen setup with plastic chairs and tables. What is interesting is the Spice of Life Mural inspired by Larry Alcala depicting the life in U.P.

This is one scene which I do not understand. What’s the significance of the nuns ringing the church bells?

This is an interesting take on the scenes in U.P. Oblation.

Rodic’s Diner since 1949:
Telephone #: 75-928-75