Summertime is the best time to enjoy Manila Bay’s Sunset. It was awesome to see the golden sun in its full glory while descending down the Manila Bay horizon. How I wish that I can take off from work as early as 5pm to go back home, pick up Aidan and just watch Manila Bay’s sunset. I want him to grow up and appreciate the beauty of the Manila Bay Sunset that admittedly, we sometimes take for granted.

My best spot in watching the sunset is in the Esplanade area near Mall of Asia. This is where you can still see the sunset and the bay without any foreground distraction. Particularly, my favorite spot is beside the Esplanade1 area where it is still not that crowded during sunset and where I took the shot above.

I’ve been to UK, US, Egypt, Dubai, Japan, Australia and nearby Asian countries but I have never seen a sunset as beautiful as Manila Bay’s Sunset. Truly, it is one of the Best Sunset in the Whole Wide World!