Read first: Kubli Springs Night @ Viaje del Sol

I remember after my first visit in Kubli Springs, I vowed to return and take a bath in the mineral water springs of Kubli. This time we are all prepared with proper swim suit, towels and extra clothes. It was a unique night to remember and thanks to my team for being “game” and adventurous for one night. Enjoy the Photo Essay!

Hailed the most beautiful IT managers…

Kubli Springs with flowing natural, potable mineral water. For the record, nobody had stomach ache after drinking a few glasses of the mineral water. Also, there are no mosquitoes and the area was clean.

Before Shot. This is the natural lighting in Kubli Springs and this was taken the moment we arrived in the area.

After Shot. We were all wet by the time we left the springs. Now, I know how it feels like to take a bath in pure mineral water… sarap!

Hailed the the Most Beautiful (take 2) [Angel, Gretchen, Dawn, Ruffa]

Everybody was hungry when the salad was served. BTW, Congratulations again to Bro. Connon Mr. Herbert Hallig for finishing top 5 in the recently concluded, Chemical Engineering Board Exams!

The kitchen and the DJ booth all in one.

Curry rice with Steak! The food will speak for itself and we cannot stop raving about it!

A Lambanog Toast to the Board Top Notcher and to the success of the Team! The lambanog was just right and even if we drank a few jiggers, we were fine the next day.

Hailed the the Most Beautiful (take 3) [Men, Camille, Joyce, and Ethel]

Thanks to Ralph and Jay for a memorable night at Kubli Springs @ Kinabuhayan Cafe. Just call Jay +63 917 368 0054 if you want to arrange a Kubli Springs night. We usually pay P500/ head for the entire experience in Dolores, Quezon (near San Pablo, Laguna)

Thanks to Charles and Naomi for being a sport. Really sorry for ruining your date 🙂

The Class Picture (L-R, Top-Bottom). John (from China), Eric the Mr. Nabos, Francis Mr. U-Y, Ian “newcomer” Medina, “Olay girl” – Camille Toledo, Hippie Jay of Kinabuhayan Cafe, Joyce “Ruffa” Saez, the beautiful Ethel Blanco, Toffee “the man” Raferoga, Men “the intern”, Bro Connon Herbert Hallig, Mr. Marc Camus.