We are now confused on what wedding venue to choose for my brother. We fell in love with Balai Taal’s stunning view of the Taal Volcano and Lake. They used the same landscaping consultant as Fernwoods in Quezon City and Antonio’s Restaurant in Tagaytay. You have to reserve the two 3-storey houses and hold the reception in the garden patio overlooking Taal Lake. This is similar to the view of Days Hotel in Tagaytay but classier because of the private enclave it creates between the two houses.

To reserve for a wedding, book the 2 houses for 3 days and 2 nights for P160,000 and you can use the garden as a reception venue. You have to source out your own caterer and the place can easily house 100-200 guests. We fell in love with the 3 storey-house because of the breathtaking views and the architecture by Bobby Mañosa. There are 4 rooms with king size beds and a kid’s bedroom. You can rent the house for P28,000/ night and they’ll allow a maximum of 15 people but it can really accommodate more! This is one of the awesome places in Tagaytay and thanks to the Concepcion family for sharing this with us ordinary mortals.

” Discover Balai Taal where the calming energies of nature join with metropolitan life’s amenities. Amidst gently sloping hills and a forest valley, be a breath away from contemporary luxuries. Experience a natural environment… experience the calming sanctuary of Balai Taal.

This 19-hectare sprawl of residential lots is home to a fully landscaped forest which affords a panoramic view of Taal Volcano. Wake up to clean, pure air and a cool, windy atmosphere permeating the tranquil, open space. Seek daily refuge amidst a scene of lush foliage and scenic landscapes. Reconnect with one’s inner being, take a forty- five minute leisurely walk through the specially designed forest pathways, meditate and reflect in the heart of a silent haven. The Balai Taal forest is a perfect back drop for paintings, an idyllic setting for art hobbyists. The forest of Balai Taal makes the simple joy of reading in the quiet a reality.

Secluded by nature and surrounded by like souls, your privacy is ensured. You will grow in a quiet milieu enhanced by a locale abounding with natural radiance. Balai Taal is where you will find a forest paradise you can call home. Situated against nature’s own backdrop you can sit and listen to birds sing, watch butterflies fly or simply enjoy nature. Come home to Balai Taal. “(from: Balai Taal Official Website)

I totally agree with this!! How I wish I have the financial means to secure one lot in this Tagaytay haven which would easily costs Php 15 Million+ for a 1,000 sqm lot.

The top floor has 2 rooms with king size beds and outside by the living room has an extra bed! The middle floor is the same except that there is an extra for kid’s room. The basement has the kitchen the living room which leads to the garden patio outside.

Here is the breathtaking view from the top floor. Imagine waking up to this view — simply awesome!

The middle floor is a little bigger with the same breathtaking view.

The spacious living room and kitchen that can be used as the special sponsors area for the wedding.

Imagine having your wedding on this well manicured lawn with a magnificent tree as the centerpiece overlooking Taal volcano. We were so impressed by the place that we decided to reserve it for Christmas Eve so that we can invite the entire family to spend Dec 24th/ 25th in this beautiful Balai Taal house.

See a sample onsite AVP of Jim & Angie (December 9, 2006)