The Biggest Sticker Wrap in the World — 113ft by 75ft Spiderman 3 (may be a Guiness Book of World Record in the making)

Yes! Spidey is coming to town! This is another reason to go back and watch Spiderman in the Imax big screen! I’m excited and I’m very happy that SM Cinema gave me a few tickets to the premier opening on May 2 12.01am which is also the press screening. (I don’t consider myself as press, but I would like to have the freedom to take pictures inside IMAX — hopefully) As shared during the iBlog 3 talk, I’ll be sharing two tickets to the blogger who would give me a great feedback about the presentation. I’ll just wait for a few days before I select the winner.

Here are the official dates from SM Cinema and reserve your tickets now (after reading this) for the May 4,5,6 weekend!

May 1(Tuesday) first day opening of Spiderman on regular cinemas
May 1 (Tuesday) first day opening of Spiderman on IMAX Theatre ( it is 2d just like the normal movies but you get to watch it in the biggest movie screen in the country.)

For ticket inquiries and reservations for IMAX Theatre you can call 556-0242 or 556-4629

If you are not going out of town on May 1, you can check out the Spiderman 3 launch events starting 4pm onwards in SM Mall of Asia. Most notably, there will be a local group of college students from U.P., Ateneo, & La Salle who will do a Parkour stunt similar to the chase scene in Casino Royale. If you are not familiar with the Parkour group, check out this You Tube video on Parkour.

Thanks SM Cinema for the insider’s tip on this!


Here’s an excerpt of an early review posted online:
“Raimi has proven himself a spider god thrice over now, and really I want this film to be the last one. It ends every major plot line and doesn’t leave much open, albeit it doesn’t really zip things shut either, but really this is a great ending. This is the most emotional, and epic entry in the series, and like its predecessors, it never loses sight that action is a bonus to the character drama, and not the main attraction, it really is amazing.

I loved this film and I think critics will too, and it will probably be the fan favorite as well, don’t worry guys; Raimi hasn’t let us down yet.

My scores for all three movies:
Spider-Man: 8/10
Spider-Man 2: 9/10
Spider-Man 3: 9.5/10

That’s right folks 3 is my favorite, the trilogy curse is broken at last and we finally have a complete vision of a comic book character, which was yet to be done until now.”

Please click link to see full AICN review. (Warning: some spoilers.)