Shopping is not my forte. But I can sense a hot trend from a mile away and online stores are booming in Manila. Specifically, online multiply stores selling accessories and jewelries. These stores are hot, convenient and addicting! The smart women shoppers are now turning into these online stores to shop conveniently at home and get fabulous finds that you can’t even see in tiangge’s or actual physical store. The mode of payment is cash either via depositing in a bank account or via G-cash. The jewelries are delivered directly to your home and returning them is very convenient via the store’s preferred carrier. These fabulous sites are passed on through word of mouth via blogs and other “multipliers”.

Just a word of caution, for the lady readers, these sites are addicting. You can waste time and money just by visiting these sites. For the men readers, these are good sites to buy jewelries or accessories for your special someone. You can ask your friends to choose them for you, in the comforts of your computer.

There are hundreds of multiply sites out there because it is free, it is easy to setup, and you can customize it to the theme that you like. To save you from the trouble of finding out which are the hot and trusted ones, these are so far the top 10 Secret Online Multiply Stores!!

Top 10 Online Multiply Stores for Jewelries and Accessories
1. Flatterbuy (
2. Onionmaniacgoddess (
3. Summer with Sepa (
4. What to Wear Online Botique (
5. Julena’s Site (
6. Fashion Galore (
7. Vida Jewelleries (
8. Beadlady (
9. Dare to be Unique by Sundrenchedgirl (
10. STELLAR by Chynna Ortaleza ( )

Other Multiply Sites to consider
11. Fuddy’s Site (
12. Chimala Accessories (
13. Rowwrrr (
14. SOEUR Accessories (
15. Bags Buddy (

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The Secret is out!! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that these sites are addicting.

P.S. Please post your favorite multiply stores in the comment as well.