Suki Market’s Sushi Bar (P150) for a bilao of 35 california makis! (taken from my point and shoot)

I am loving makis right now and there are two places worth raving about! The first one is from the soon-to-become-popular Suki Market in Dapitan where you can buy a bilao of 35 california makis just for P150! You can’t beat that price anywhere but you need to go to the Suki Market to get these. This is perfect for gatherings or potluck sunday lunch with your in laws.

Omakaze’s JSC Platter (Jurassic, Seabreeze, and Crazy Maki Combo) (P550++).

The second one is from the now popular Omakaze for the fusion Makis created by Ed Encisa. Literally, Omakaze means “at the Chef’s pleasure” and Chef Ed was trained in Furusato and his brief Middle East chef stint in Bermuda. His popular maki creations include Jurassic Maki (P230++) composed of Ebi Tempura, Kani (crab meat), Ebiko (orange thingy), salmon skin inside out unagi and Crazy Maki (P140++) composed of spicy tuna & salmon inside, scallion and ebiko outside. Personally, I love the Jurassic Maki because of the texture of the salmon skin, different unique taste of the ingredients, and you can’t go wrong with unagi and ebi tempura.

Omakaze Menu Selections
Donburi and Oyster Specials
Seafoods, Tempura Dishes and Vegetables
A la Carte Beef, Pork, Poultry and Tofu Dishes
Sushi and Sushi Side Order
Appetizers, Soups, Nabemono/ Menrui
Side Orders, Bento Box, Desserts Beverages

Spicy Tuna Salad (P170++) Raw Cubes of Tuna with Salad Dressing

I loved this spicy raw tuna collection and surprisingly it did not taste raw at all. I liked this spicy dish but it was quite heavy because of the dressing.

Tempura Ice Cream (P60++) — a lot of images come to mind with this signature Omakaze dessert. Just think about it as ice cream wrapped in tempura batter. The name is interesting but nothing really special aside from the unique presentation but Aidan definitely loved this one.

Omakaze @ Intrepid Plaza in Libis. Other outlets are located in Tomas Morato and Alabang.

Omakase LIBIS
2F Intrepid Plaza Bldg
E. Rodriguez Ave., Libis QC
Tel# +632 437 0075

Lower Level, Casa Susana Bldg.
Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa
Tel# +632 771 1443

Omakase MORATO
284 Scout Rallos corner
T. Morato Ave, QC (back of Shakeys)
Tels# +632 412 0002/ 412 3222