*** Updated 2/22/07 ***

I admire celebrities who blog and don’t let their celebrity status get in the way of self expression. Most of the time I find the celebrities who blog are smart, witty and able to convey what they think clearly without being afraid of what others would think. It is also entertaining to read their blogs and let readers/ fans have a sneak peek at their lives.

1. The Diary of a Supergirl Wannabe by SuperBianca also known as Bianca Gonzalez. (http://superbianca.blogspot.com/) She has been on blogging hiatus for a year ever since she entered Pinoy Big Brother around Nov 2005. Recently, she started to post again to the delight of her readers/ fans last Feb.7. She wrote:

” what a year 2006 has been for me. what a year, i tell you. lahat ng posibleng maramdaman ng isang tao sa buhay, naramdaman ko lahat sa loob ng isang taon.extreme happiness, extreme sadness, love, extreme love, fear, guilt, excitement, peace, uncertainty, certainty, denial, longing, comfort, security, satisfaction, embarrassment, pride, confidence, strength, anxiety, jealousy, helplessness, reassurance, courage, faith, hope.. and the list goes on.”

I admire Bianca for blogging ever since September 2003 way before she became famous. Remember, most of the known bloggers in the Philippines only started in 2005. Blog on, Bianca.

2. Lemon.Chamomile by Kooki also known as KC Concepcion. (http://kooki.multiply.com/journal) There are a lot of fake celebrity blogs out there hoping to get accidental traffic and earn a few bucks. KC wrote in her multiply:

“This is my ONLY online journal, meaning I have NO Friendster, NO MySpace, NO OTHER BLOG ACCOUNT out there. Just this one.”

It is hard not to fall in love with KC after reading her blog. She is very witty, smart and cute. No wonder, FHM, Maxim and Manual agrees that KC is one of their dream covers for their magazine. Her Europe adventures are colorful and her love for languages is infectious.

3. DaphneOP by Daphne Osena. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/daphneosena/) It is refreshing to see a celebrity having an online photo blog like Daphne. It is great to see her family pictures with her kids and she takes time to post the photos and put caption on them. Her Flickr account also serves as a showroom for her necklace business and my wife loves to look at them. It is fun to see the photos of Daphne as if watching a reality F show using photos. She often interacts with ka-flickrs and I admire her openness in sharing her lives in the photos of her family.

4. indie · boys · are · neurotic by sugarcandypop also known as Mitch Dulce (http://sugarcandypop.livejournal.com/). I’ve known Mitch blog because she is one of the designers and owners of the Store for All Season (SFAS) along Mandaluyong. To refresh your memory, Mitch was part of the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition and she was the up and coming Fashion Designer in that batch. She was one of those more popular LJ bloggers who is not afraid to speak her mind out. I love her stories on Mich Dulce school of passion.

5. Ala-ism by VJ Ala. (http://ala-ism.pansitan.net/) Daughter of Apo Hiking Society’s Jim Paredes who regularly blogs also at Writing on Air (http://haringliwanag.pansitan.net/). I love her cute valentines posts on: How to make Ala Paredes fall in love with you. She wrote:

“1) Feed me well. Take me to really good places to eat. Give me unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Overeat with me. I will love you to pieces.
2) Indulge my geekiness. Ask me about my Mac. Engage in heated debates with me over the advantages of OS X versus Windows. Gift me with flashdrives instead of flowers. Be able to understand the humor behind ‘Dilbert’. Compose a love letter in binary… you have to be able to tell when I’m kidding, ok?
8) Be able to make me laugh. You have no license to kiss me until you’ve proven that you can.
12) And now that you know all the rules, surprise me totally.”

I am definitely hooked. She has been blogging ever since July of 2003 (can you imagine?)

6. Oohhh LaLa!!! Come waste your time with me!! with Patty Laurel (http://pattylaurel.blogspot.com/). I actually started tuning out of my channel 23 breakfast habit when they changed the original cast (of Angel Jacob and Ria Tantuatco). I just learned about Patty Laurel’s blog (from Dawn) and I’m hooked with her witty comments and funny photos. Now, I have a reason to watch Studio 23 Breakfast threesome (JC Cuadrado, Patty Laurel and Atom Araullo) and see Patty Laurel live and not just on her blog. I warn you don’t read her blog because I’m sure you’ll be wasting a lot of time reading it’s two years archive since Jan. 2005.

7. Lea’s Multiply Site by Lea Salonga (http://bigsis222.multiply.com/journal). It is cool to see her occasional posts on major happenings in her life which includes the recent release of her album Inspired. I like her blog post on her pet peeves:

2. When my name is spelled wrong. It’s L-E-A. No H. There’s a specific reason why my name is spelled that way; I was named after my maternal grandfather, LEO.

9. Being asked for an autograph while I’m eating. Kindly wait until I’m done, or if you can’t, ask a waiter to approach. It’ll give me time to swallow my mouthful.

11. Name dropping. Don’t try to impress me by rattling off a list of who you know. You should be impressive enough by yourself.

20. Drinking 11 kamikazes and not getting a buzz… or drinking 2 and feeling like crap. What the f*ck is that???

22. Seeing big-bellied men with their shirts raised just enough to display their midsections.”

8. SnowWhite 2006 Flickr Photos (http://www.flickr.com/photos/snowhite/) also known as Pia Magalona, wife of Francis M blogging at a Free Mind (http://francismagalona.multiply.com/) and flickr site ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/francism/ ). Pia’s flickr site contains her collection of Havianas and occasional pictures of the family. I envy Francis M for becoming a member of the Camera Club of the Philippines (I want to join this group!! I’m dying to be part of this club). I must admit that Francis site is well updated and he is definitely a gifted photographer.

9. Anna Bayle, Website of the First Asian Model (http://www.annabayle.com/modelblog.html ) by Anna known as “The first Asian ‘supermodel’. Became in the 1980’s one of the top ten models of the world in only 2 years. Touted the “Model of the 80s.” ” Anna Bayle is a living proof that models have brains too and can write. I do wish that she writes more often and consistently.

10. Charmant Papillon by Natalie-Wood also known as Ciara Sotto. (http://natalie-wood.livejournal.com/). I must confess that when I work from home, I watch Bulagaan and have fun watching the Ciao Pao tandem. She does not post as much but one of these days, I will write her a fan letter that I love watching them in Bulagaan 🙂 I do hope she writes more consistently.