Here is a tip to save money on your next awesome travel. You should book your travel way ahead in advance specially if you plan to leverage the Philippines Holidays this year. We have longer weekend holidays this 2007 and this is the time for you to go to the best places in the Philippines!

1. Longest Holy Week Vacation. This year’s Holy Week is the longest because Easter Monday is also a holiday because it coincides with the Bataan Day (April 9, monday). Book your travel Vacation now during the Holy Week Season: April 1, Palm Sunday and April Fool’s Day to April 9, Easter Monday and Bataan Day. File your leave now for April 2, 3, 4!

2. Labor Day Holiday. The second long holiday is from April 28, Sunday to May 1, Tuesday Labor Day. You need to file a leave for April 30 but it will be a leave well taken. Boracay is the perfect place for this long weekend so start booking your hotel in Bora! Also, remember that May is an elections month so better take your vacation before the election on May 14, 2nd Monday of May.

3. Independence Day Long Weekend. Take advantage of June 9, Saturday to June 11, Monday (regular holiday in lieu of June 12). No need to take a vacation since this is a 3 day weekend. It starts to rain already during this time, but still a perfect time for the last minute summer getaway.

4. Ninoy Aquino Holiday. August 21, is a special holiday which falls on a tuesday this year. So you just need to leave on August 20, and you already have a 4 day weekend from August 18, Saturday to August 21, Tuesday. It is difficult to fly during this time since this is in the middle of typhoon season. This is perfect time to start Surfing or White Water Rafting.

5. Halloween Vacation. Yes, another 4 day weekend without taking a leave. November 1 (Thursday) All Saints’ Day is a special holiday and November 2 (Friday) is a Special non-working day (Proc No. 1211). So, take advantage of the Cebu Pacific Crazy Fares during this time from Nov. 1, Thursday to November 4, Sunday. Yahoo!

6. Eidl Feitre or End of Ramadan. This is usually in November but there is no date yet. Anybody knows when the end of Ramadan this year?

7. Christmas Season 4 day Holiday. December 24 (Monday) is declared as a Special non-working day (Proc No. 1211) and December 25 (Tuesday) Christmas Day is a regular holiday. So similar to last year, we have a 4 day Christmas holiday from December 22, Saturday to December 25, Tuesday.

8. New Year Holiday. December 29, Saturday until January 1, Tuesday is another 4 day holiday weekend. It is best that you just take leave during the entire last week of December so enjoy an almost 12 day holiday!

Here is a complete list of the 2007 Phil Regular Holidays and Non-Working Days…

2007 Phil regular holidays and non-working days
January 1 (Monday) New Year’s Day (regular holiday)
April 5 (Thursday) Holy Thursday (regular holiday)
April 6 (Friday) Good Friday (regular holiday)
April 7 (Saturday) Special (non-working day – Procl No. 1211)
April 9 (Monday) Bataan Day (Araw ng Kagitingan) (regular holiday)
May 1 (Tuesday) Labor Day (regular holiday)
May 14 (Monday) National Elections!
June 11 (Monday) In lieu of June 12, Independence Day (regular holiday – Procl No. 1211))
August 21 (Tuesday) Ninoy Aquino Day (special holiday)
August 26 (Sunday) National Heroes’ Day (regular holiday)
November 1 (Thursday) All Saints’ Day (special holiday)
November 2 (Friday) Special (non-working day – Proc No. 1211)
November (no date yet) Eidl Feitre or End of Ramadan (usually in November)
November 30 (Friday) Bonifacio Day (regular holiday)
December 24 (Monday) Special (non-working day – Proc No. 1211)
December 25 (Tuesday) Christmas Day (regular holiday)
December 30 (Sunday) Rizal Day (regular holiday)
December 31(Monday) Last Day of the Year (special holiday)