Valentines is around the corner so you might want to give Popit a try 🙂

Read this first: A Popit De Leon Experience

Valentine Menu 1
Cocktail: Sweet martini
Canape: Bruschetta
Soup: Pumpkin
Salad: Mixed seafood on greens
Appetizer: Grilled vegetable tower with pesto
Pan seared mahi mahi with caper cream sauce on a bed of carrot vermicelli
Chicken Florentines on pommodoro sauce
Beef stewed in a rosemary wine sauce served with baby potatoes
Coffee or tea

Valentine Menu 2
Cocktail: Screwdriver
Canape: Tapenade toasts
Soup: Soupe de poisson
Salad: Mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette
Appetizer: Tomate farcie
Baked mahi mahi with a sweet pepper sauce on a red onion compote
Chicken cordon bleu with cream sauce
Lamb chop with jus lis on risotto
Crème brulee
Coffee or tea

Valentine Menu 3
Cocktail: Old fashioned scotch
Hors d’oevres: Succulent sausages on sticks
Soup: Potato-leek
Salad: Waldorf on the greens
Appetizer: Tomate farcie
Phyllo fish on creamed spinach
Chicken piccatta with pommodoro
Braised baby back ribs with rum sauce and baked potatoes
Crepe suzette
Coffee or tea