Best Tom Yung Kung (Php 240++). Hot and Sour Prawn Soup

The Thai at Silk experience started and ended with the Best Tom Yum Kung I ever tasted in any of the Thai restaurants in Manila. It is sweet and at the same time, spicy hot because of the lemongrass and the ginger that lingers and soothes your throat. As for the rest of the menu it was forgettable and I still would not compare this to People’s Palace. I must admit that they get great compliments for the interior design and the green – white motif designed by Cynthia and Ivy Almario. They put a lot of attention to detail which includes how the food is presented, how the plates and spoon/fork are selected, and even to the simple toothpick.

Thai at Silk is a Thai Fine Dining place and has been operational for less than a month at Serendra Piazza. They still need to improve a lot on the food which tasted ordinary (mostly) and it is a filipinized Thai version that is more on the sweet side. In the absence of quality premium food, you would feel that you are paying for the ambiance and presentation. In our case, cost was at P500/ person. The service we received was not at their best. Was it because they were preparing for a more important event than their customer at the moment or we were just ordinary looking folks dining at a fine dining resto? We also thought we saw the owner/ chef, Cecile Ysmael, wearing a chef attire but we could be wrong. (No photo moments with the chef and Aidan this time.) Maybe they need to learn from their neighbor across Duo on how to provide great warm service for everyone.

Net, I guess we just came at the bad time when the kitchen is already closing at 2pm in the afternoon but still, there was no excuse for that, maybe they should have closed their doors to us. I fell in love with the interiors and I do hope I can say the same thing about their food in the future. I’m sure this would get mixed reviews by the time you get to eat here so I would appreciate your dining experience with me. This would also be a gauge for me if it is time to go back and get an awesome worth of what I pay for my food and service.

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Silk Interiors

You will be greeted by this warm display of vases with a green and white motif. Unfortunately, the servers were not as warm.

This is an artistic overexposed shot of the beautiful cage lanterns hanging in the ceilings.

Peaceful, seduction, and harmony.

a closer look at the caged lanterns. I can’t resist taking this shot.

My friend Luisa and Sister-in-law Clauds posing for the camera.

I loved their toothpicks and I guess I paid for these too! 🙂

The Thai at Silk Dining Experience:
Soup, Appetizers, Salads, Curries and More, Vegetables, Rice Noodles.
Vegetarian, Sweets and Desserts and Coffee Menu

Tao Hu Tod Sam Rot (P190++). Tossed brown tofu in chilies and sweet wine sauce.

We expected to have that silken tofu sinking into our teeth as we bite but instead we got the tofu squares you buy in the supermarket. How bad can this be?

Panang Pla Kapong Yang Bai Tong (P360++). Sole Fish char-grilled in a banana leaf with perfumed panaeng curry.

I’ve eaten better a Sole dish in Duo.

See Khrong Mao Yaang (P220++). Cinnamon and lemon marinated baby back ribs barbecued to perfection.

Don’t expect a soft to the bone baby back ribs but I must admit that the Cinnamon and Lemon was a nice combination to give flavor to the meat. I hate to disagree on the ” barbecued to perfection” statement since I can still see a lot of carcinogenic burned portions.

Pad Thai (P360++). Thai Style Fried Noodles.

The cheese net of the Pad Thai deserves a standing ovation for creativity! This is the best looking pad thai I have ever seen.

Stir Fried Kailan and Mushroom with Oyster Sauce (Php 240++).

This vegetable dish is OK.

Khao Khluk Kapi (P360++).
Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste served with sweet pork and green mango julienne.

I missed SuhkoThai’s cheaper version called Bagoong Rice. I think I’m still even paying for the nice cool Thai names of the dishes. haha

Thai at Silk (Thai Fine Cuisine)
Cecille C. Ysmael
Unit 1C12 Little Asia G/F Serendra Piazza
26th St. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Tel nos. 856-0386 to 87
Cell Phone # +63 917 822 9818