Kawayan Cove is the exclusive residential enclave on the verdant slopes that surround the fabled beach. It is designed as an exquisite, understated blend of nature and man-made wonders…. The name Bamboo Beach has an almost mythic ring to it. Many people have heard stories about it, but only a few have ever set foot on its natural white sands. ” — Head Home to Kawayan Cove Brochure.

Rache @ the Meditation Point.

Have you ever wondered if all the things they say in the marketing brochures are true? This was my motivation for really checking out what is the mystery behind Kawayan Cove.

There is no doubt that Bamboo beach is the best beach in the Nasugbu area and for generations it was owned by the original family. I’m glad they decided to share the beach via the Kawayan Cove residential resort. The 650 meter wide Bamboo beach is 80% private and 20% public area that can only be accessed via boat and through this resort. It is a fabled beach because for years, this was the secret white beach in Nasugbu and kudos to the family for maintaining the beach so well.

The other beautiful asset of Kawayan Cove, is the Meditation Point. This is more than 4,000 square meters of serene garden sanctuary with a breathtaking view of the sea. It is ideal for reflection and prayer. There is a literally giant rosary in the middle of the garden. Meditation point is becoming popular as a wedding destination for some couples who would have sponsored access to Kawayan Cove.

Ironically, the main clubhouse is not yet completed which is suppose to be the first facility to be completed. There are only 10 houses to date so it is quite peaceful and ideal for escaping the Manila jungle. Allegedly, they are very picky on buyers since they want to keep the place serene and peaceful by avoiding controversial personalities. A typical lot would costs P5 million pesos up with a starting lot size of 500 sq meters per lot.

So what’s the catch? Nothing. Kawayan Cove delivers up to its promise as stated in its marketing brochures. It is definitely a serene, secluded and secured beach escape which could be interpreted as boring if you like the night life or looking for some cool happenings in this resort.

Aidan will give you a glimpse of Kawayan Cove. Tara na!

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Here is a glimpse of the Children’s playground area. The place is complete with basketball court, tennis court, a picnic grove, a kiddie pool and hiking/ trekking trails.

The place is beautiful and was designed very well but there was nobody was there to enjoy the place.

This is the view from the main club house if and when it is constructed.

There are a lot of these animal shaped cemented signs. This crab welcomes you to Bamboo beach.

Here is another view of the giant cross in Meditation Point.

A wide view of the Bamboo beach from the right side end of the beach.

This is the demarkation line. 80% of Bamboo beach is on the left side of this line and privately owned by Kawayan Cove. The other 20% is public that can only be accessed via a boat from other nearby resorts.

The filipino food dishes cooked by the Bamboo Beach staff are very good because of the fresh seafood and ingredients.

This is a view from one of the lot area from The Grove and this is the highest point with a view of the sea.

I found this heart shape stones in one of the mini-caves in Bamboo beach.

Ah, this sunset scene is priceless. I can only dream of owning a lot here in Kawayan Cove to experience Bamboo beach every time I escape from Manila.

Thanks to Cai for the Kawayan Cove tripping! You can also arrange a tripping with the beautiful Ms. Cai Lacdan if you are interested with Bamboo Beach or Kawayan Cove.

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