Aidan’s sneaking for a Happy Cream Puff (Check out

It was the first time we heard our son Aidan said the word “W-O-W” (with feelings!) and at the same time, pointing to the Happy Cream Puffs. Even until now, when we finished all the cream puffs and eclairs, my son would say “W-O-W” when he sees the picture of the Happy Cream Puffs. My wife, on the other hand, just convinced me that we should buy 10 boxes of the Happy Cream Puff and Eclairs for Christmas.

When Jennifer gave us the tip about the happy cream puff, I was both excited and sad. I was excited to taste a fresh kind of cream puffs and eclairs that she was raving about. But I was sad that this was only available in Metropolis Star in Alabang. We have never been to Metropolis Star because first it is far, it is soo traffic to go there, and it is totally out of the way. So we were glad to hear that they accepted our request to deliver the cream puff.

Also, I’ll be transparent that Mr. Haruo (Japanese) and Maria Cecilia (Filipina) Yamigishi who owned Happy Cream Puff gave us 2 boxes each of the eclairs and the cream puffs. We wanted to order them but they gave them for free and we accepted gladly. I was skeptical at first if we would like it but when my wife received and ate the goodies without waiting for me, she keeps on raving about the eclairs via text.

Aidan is in Happy Cream Puff Eclair Heaven!

I’m not sure if my son, Aidan was just acting here but I think he really loves the eclair. We actually gave one box to my parents. In turn, they gave them to Benjie, 3 year old kid, and he loves them too. The Happy Cream Puff Eclairs were the best eclairs we have tasted so far.

As for me, I’m not a fan of cream puffs and eclairs. What strikes me about the cream puff its soft and its just right toast crunch. The custard filling was perfectly made of egg yolk, fresh milk and vanilla beans that are not too sweet. It is the kind of sweetness that does not turns you off and you’ll want to ask for (which we are in that craving state already). Also, the cream puffs are just P20/ each! So just imagine if Beard Papa is selling their cream puffs for P55, easily half of that goes to their profit or maybe other overheads. To be fair, I have not tasted nor seen any Papa Beard cream puff and now, I’m determined to do a taste test soon once our new order arrives. My wife said, it was kinda bigger than this one but she too, has not yet tasted it.

It was great to see these happy cream puffs and the owner said it looks exactly like Beard Papa (but at half the price — imagine that). The dough is baked in a special oven to bring the toast flavor (not caramelized). The custard cream does not ooze out when you bite into it while keeping its firm consistency.

It is made up of fresh and safe ingredients which includes: Fresh Egg, Fresh Milk, Flour, Pure Butter, Fresh Whip Cream, Sugar, Salt, Mineral Water, Vanilla Beans, Chocolate (for the eclairs only).

The cream puffs are made fresh on the spot in their shop in Alabang similar to the fresh donut concept of Krispy Kreme. They do not use food additive so that it would be safe even for babies and elderly people. Since it is fresh, you have to eat it within two days I believe and they put a best eaten before date on the box.

They gave me their press kit and other materials. I was happy that you can see that they just made it on their own. They should not spend too much in marketing it because they already have a winning product and this is already spreading through word-of-mouth. Just compare it to Beard Papa where they have all the branding and marketing materials, including this cool cartoon story on the Beard Papa Story. (you need to watch this cool story in Osaka Japan where Papa Beard started)

The vision of the owner is to create the cream puff craze similar to Japan where cream puff is the leading sweets in terms of market share. I’m not sure if this will create a craze because I don’t think Filipinos in general like cream puff or eclairs. They have a pending application in Filinvest and some other malls but they are having a hard time looking for a larger space for their kitchen. I’m pretty sure if she finds a better venue for her bakery and maintain good value of money, people will begin to discover this yummy pastries.

I kinda like the packaging because of its simplicity but my wife said it was cheesy.

You can buy the Happy Cream Puffs in paper bag of 2, small box of 3, and a large box of 5 which can be mixed eclairs and cream puff. The pricing is consistent throughout the different configurations at P20/ cream puff and P25/ eclairs.

My wife and son can’t wait to get their hands on the eclair. For me, I can’t wait to do the taste test of Happy Cream Puff against Beard Papa Cream Puff. Also, I forgot to take a picture of the cream puff with a non-oozing custard cream.

Happy Cream Puff
Ground Level, South Area, Metropolis Star – Alabang
South Superhiway, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Shop Mobile: +63 928 738 9947

Owner: Maria Cecilia E. Yamagishi
Mobile +63921-818 7626