Of course, all good things like Camara’s Frozen Brazo need to have competition. We need competition so that we get the best value for our money. I discovered Ange’s Frozen Brazo which is exactly the same as the Camara’s version except for its size 7×11 versus the 9×9 size of Camara. It costs P500 too but it has more ice cream. BTW, the ice cream in the frozen brazo is not Cheese but French Vanilla or Mantecado to be exact. The graham crust is just a little bit sweeter while the egg white topping is a little bit firmer vs. a softer egg white of the Camara version. In terms of packaging, Ange’s version comes in a plastic tray while the Camara one has a plastic tray put inside a christmas box.

Overall, it taste exactly the same. I have the pleasure of testing it side by side and I can’t really tell the difference. Given the competition, I’m sure that these Frozen Brazo will improve over time. Btw, I’m sure Camara would have tons of order by now, so at least you have another option where to get this Frozen Brazo delight.

Frozen Brazo — Sweet Life by Ange

75 Amorsolo Street San Lorenzo Village Makati.
+63917 8238198

Driving Directions
BTW, both of them are based in San Lorenzo but Ange is a lot easier to find. Just enter the Amorsolo gate of San Lorenzo Village which is near the Don Bosco Church. Upon entering, just go straight along Amorsolo and find house number 75.