Another wasted credit card…

Yes, my wife, sister-in-law and good friend bought all of these…

I was tired and I was the baby sitter for the entire shopping duration…

I was happy that we were able to get out after 3 hours…

Thanks Jonas for this Christmas wonderful sale!!

This time, there were a lot of baby clothes that sells for P100 each. Aidan would have to agree πŸ™‚

The branded stuff area. The sale was just OK. But I’m sure you’ll find a dress or two.

A lot lot more stocks this year. Most of them are imported from the factories directly all over Asia.

The shopping style is get a crate then once you pick something interesting, grab it immediately and put it in your crate. When you fill up the crate, then head to the fitting rooms to filter out that items that fits and those that passes your second thoughts judgement.

Indeed fashion with an attitude. I’m glad that there are evaporator airconditioners installed in the warehouse. But still, it was still hot inside with lots of people shopping. BTW, softdrinks are free so grab one while you are shopping.

As early as 10am, the cashier already looks like this.

There were good selection of Polo shoes and this was the only item I bought during the sale. My wife and friends continue to rave about some items on the way home.

Aidan is happy pushing this cart to our car. As early as 9am, you can already see the long line of parked cars outside star trends.

Don’t expect too much when you visit this sale. It’s not your usual shopping place but it is a good bargain factory sale place. Also, some items are more expensive than Divisoria prices if you are aware of them. This is indeed, a bargain hunters heaven!