If you are looking for the best Vegetarian Burgers in the Metro, get it from Good Burgers! The vegetarian patties are made from wheat and soya and it tasted like luncheon meat. I’m glad it is not made from glutten which is sometimes slimmy in texture that makes me not want to eat the food. They also serve chicken patty for those who would like to be healthy and still get a taste of the real meat. This literally hole in the wall establishment along C5 in front of Tiendesitas and the new SM Hypermarket, have been existing for almost 6 years.

Thanks to one of my vegetarian readers, George Ramos for this tip. He described it as “The Best Vegetarian gourmet burgers in the World!!” He recommends the Garlic BBQ and Mexican Salsa. Best of all, the burgers are affordable at P50-75 for a “good” single patty and P75-P100 pesos for a “best” double patty. Almost the same price when you buy your burgers at the usual hamburger joint. The only issue here is where to eat your just bought burger. It is either you eat it outside their kitchen or in your car. As you can see from the first photo, rightmost part is where you will have your table. Correct! Too hot! But you can call in advance to order your burger so that you can just pick it up ala drive through along C5 🙂 But be sure to get it when you do order or else, the staff in charge might pay for it or maybe somebody will not get a fresh cooked burger! That would just be to bad.

Don’t you think they should have a stall in Makati? I’m sure they won’t be able to manage the demand there. If you happen to know who owns this place, let me know. We need to support, acknowledge and give thanks to establishments like this! This is indeed a great find and this should be included in the list of good vegetarian place in Metro Manila.

The kitchen is simple and its a one-man operation which reminds me of the burger machine stalls we see along the streets. She was very friendly even when I asked if I can go in and take pictures of the kitchen. She also took time to explain to me the different burgers since it was my first time to visit their store and eat there. It was good a good timing that there was no line queue so she was able to accomodate me.

Click here for a bigger version of the good burger’s menu.

I tried the margherita burger which is their newest burger. It consists of yummy roasted tomato, fresh basil leaves, mozzarella, and lots of grated cheese. With the gooey mozzarella, eating it feels like eating a pizza. I wanted to try the silly burger which is composed of chopped siling labuyo, garlic, sour cream and cheese but I needed to have space for dinner so will just get it next time around.

This is the chicken patty vs. the round vegetarian patty that looks, feels and taste like luncheon meat.

Yummy Vegetarian burger indeed! Highly recommended for dieters and healthy eaters out there! Or even to those who are adventerous when it comes to eating!

The Good Burgers @ +632 910 8138.