Our Awesome Planet Smacker
(P100) – Sinless Sugar-Free Cookies with Fruits-in-Ice Cream (FIC) Cafe Late Light Sugar-Free with Clifford dog, not included with the purchase.

That’s the way I like my smacker! Now, these cookies are sounding like Starbucks coffee where you need to have 15 words to be considered cool. Ok that’s the idea, why not have an extra hot cookie on an extra chilly ice cream. Or can we have an extra sugar-free whip cream on top too?

Seriously, these Penny Brown fresh cookies are making a lot of noise and I’m glad that this is just near our office. The keyword these days are fresh doughnuts, cookies freshly baked, and popcorn popped daily. The terms fresh along with the sugar-free low carb trend is here to stay and now, I’m glad that I’ll be less guilty eating my dessert especially when I’m alone.

Actually, my favorite dessert in Glorietta are Subway’s Oatmeal Cookie (P40 for 3) and Better than Ice Cream Pistachio on a sugar cone (P60). I can’t resist these desserts and now, here’s an addition to my list of favorites. I’m glad that I can order these sugar-free smacker equivalent from Penny Brown. If I have my way, this is my ideal cookie: Extra Hot Sugar-Free Oatmeal Cookies with extra chilly Fruits-in-Ice Cream Pistachio Light Sugar Free. I’m glad I beat the 15 words cool factor here 🙂 Care to share your penny brown moment?

The verdict? I surprised my wife with this penny brown smacker and lets just say I got another cookie points for it 🙂 I love it for the fact that it is fresh and sugar-free. But admittedly, the ice cream overpowered the sugar-free cookie. The cookie itself does not have a unique taste, it is like eating the sweet texture of a cookie. Orange Outbursts heart Penny Brown and calls it heavenly– I can’t blame her 🙂

A challenge that I encountered was how to take this smacker home for my wife. They did not think about the take-out packaging since it was an ice cream and would easily melt before you hit home but then we do buy ice cream to take it home don’t we? I had to put it in front of the airconditioning of the car to prevent it from melting. Upon arrival at home, I had to put it in the freezer immediately. In the end, I was still able to get these penny brown smacker shots at home. It was worth the trouble.

Last na Last na… Miggy coincidentally emailed me regarding these penny brown smackers as I was writing down this review. Thanks for the offer on the complimentary smacker, we’ll pass by again one of these days. He also emailed me the list of the combinations and other offerings of Penny Brown Cookies and Ice Cream (check out the email below).


Hi Anton!

I’d like to invite you to the Penny Brown kiosk at the Glorietta 4 Food Choices. Penny Brown is a new brand of soft and chewy cookies. It’s introducing a new concept: the Smacker! – cookies and ice cream formed into a sandwich. Customers can choose any two cookies (can be of the same or of different flavors), and choose their flavor of ice cream (we use FIC). These are then formed into a sandwich.

Some famous combinations:
milk choco chunk cookie + raspberry ice cream + white choco loco cookie
dark choco sensation cookie + strawberry ice cream + dark choco sensation cookie
dark choco sensation cookie + raspberry ice cream + milk choco chunk cookie
milk choco chunk cookie + coffee ice cream + milk choco chunk cookie

You can also come up with your own and we can name it after you =), this is a promo we’re launching soon.

Hope you can make us part of your food trips one of these days. Kindly let us know when you’re coming for your complimentary Smacker!

See more product details below:

Penny Brown Cookies
– singles at PHP 20.00 each for the regular cookies, and PHP 30.00 each for the sugar-free cookie.
– boxes of 6 at PHP 115.00 for the regular cookies, and PHP 175.00 for the sugar-free cookie

Penny Brown Classic – the classic chocolate chip cookie with melt-in-your-mouth chips and just the right sweetness
Dark Choco Sensation – for customers who want a bit of bitter and thrilling after taste, our bestseller
Milk Choco Chunk – penny brown classic cookie with 3 huge chunks of milk chocolate, another bestseller
White Choco Loco – cookie with a generous amount of white chocolate goodness
Old Fashioned Oatmeal – for weight watchers with oatmeal bits, the penny brown way
Sinless Sugar-free – a good snack for diabetics, goes well with our sugar-free ice cream

Other Products

Penny Brown Smacker! – any two cookies above, with your choice of ice cream. a tingling warm and cold sensation that never fails to put smiles on people’s faces

Penny Brown Smooch! – a lighter smacker, with just a cookie instead of two. still a mouthwatering a-la-mode!

“Pennies” – bite size cookie bits of all our flavors for those who want to ‘nibble’ away during meetings and movies.
Comes in 6’s, 8’s, and 12’s

A click the city clipcast will be launched on 15 November 2006, this can be viewed at www.clickthecity.com.

Hope to see you soon.


Miggy Ramirez
Penny Brown Cookies