WARNING: Please don’t read this post. The pictures are disgusting but I wanted to blog about this to serve as a blog memory for me on my exotic adventures in Guangzhou, China. Hopefully, it will never happen again.

In my post, Snake, Water Bug, and Centipede looking Shrimps

Q. What do these animals have in common?
A. I ate all of them for dinner in Guangzhou, China.

This was the second time I ate snakes in China. It was tolerable, and the Guanzhou locals loved it. It actually taste like lamb ribs with fish bones. It looks slimy but is is not. The skin is tender instead of rubbery and if not for the stripes you will forget that you are eating snakes. But still, every time I look at the picture above, I want to throw up and I can’t imagine eating these disgusting snakes.

I just saw this alligator being prepared. I can’t imagine eating this sushi or carpaccio style. Imagine eating soup with this feet waving hello at you.

This is the most expensive crab in China which cost almost P1,000 for this tiny little one. I can’t stand the black hairs on the crab’s claws. The crab is very tasty and has lots of aligue which probably is the reason for its price.

The restaurant we went is a chinese local favorite and is famous for its soup. The photo above are the ingredients and upon seeing this, I almost did not finish my soup. Of course, Filipinos are not impolite and we usually don’t want to offend the locals. This is the most cheapest soup and I was wondering what would be the ingredients of the expensive ones.

I actually love the fresh water shrimps with big heads which you cannot find here in Manila. We also ate a turtle that they call Water Fish. It looks like a turtle without the shell and you eat the shell plus the small feet and neck.

The crawfish looks huge and I can’t stand the thought that these creatures are scavengers of the sea. I barely finished this crawfish.

Finally, I contemplated 20x before being pressured to eat one of these. This is a clean water bug but looks like the cousin of the cockroach. Apparently, the locals do not eat this and this might only be served for the tourist.

I have to coerce my japanese friend to eat with me on the count of three. It is crunchy and it does not have that slimy juices I imagined squirting out of its body. Later on, I found out from a friend that the proper way to eat this is by removing the head with the spine and the little legs and wings. Super disgusting!! This is the most disgusting food I have ever eaten.

I have to drink it down with a beer!

Thanks for this dimsum dessert. These are bread pillows which contains hot custard and cheese.

These durian earth worms are also heavenly. But, our Latin American friend does not agree.

After Dinner, my favorite past time is to try out the chinese massage from Fu Yuan Tang — a popular decent massage medical clinic. This is the first time I tried accupuncture (RMB 180) and it hurts after a day or two.

I learned my lesson on the accupuncture so next time I just tried this soothing and relaxing foot massage (RMB 60). After trying out the local chinese massage, I can definitely say that Philippines is still the best massage capital in Asia.