Lately, I’m getting education on different types of cakes that are available here in Manila. The lesson for today is all about funnel cakes. For me, it is the cousin of pancakes and waffle. It taste like Maruya (a local delicacy of fried banana in flour) and it has the same consistency. It is fried and crispy. Usually it can go with any sweet toppings like chocolate, cream and fruits. Some of the existing flavors include, caramel almond, cinnamon, nutty choco loco, peanut butter banana, mango graham and tuna cheese. Funnel cakes are associated with Pennyslvania Dutch region of the US and popular around ball parks, country fairs, and festivals.

The funnel cake factory used to have a stall in the Fort strip and they transfered to the third floor of Festival Mall. Finally, they setup a 45 sq meter dining resto along President’s avenue in BF. We were surprised that they were opened on a Fri and Saturday night until 12 mn when most of the shops would already close by that time. For late night desserts, they have a funnel cake fondue composed of three-piece fun-size funnel cake topped with banana and powdered sugar. They use toblerone for their chocolate and this would costs around P150 net. Here is a copy of the menu since they also serve sandwiches and coffee –> Funnel Cakes Factory Menu.

Mango Graham Funnel Cake (P90).

No doubt that this is something different. But it reminds me too much of our local Maruya version. You will feel guilty eating this since its fried, creamy, and lots of chocolate. I would not drive all the way to BF Sucat for this.

Anything sweet is always a hit with this baby. These days Aidan wants to use the spoon and fork on his own. He is turning two soon.

The FunnelCake Factory
President’s Ave, BF Paranaque before the Ruins Night Market if you are coming from Sucat Ave.

Operating Hours
Sunday-Thursday 11am – 10pm
Friday-Saturday till 12 midnight