Just to help you out specially for those who have just discovered my blog. This is a helpful index on all my posts about Tagaytay Restaurants and Places.

My Top 10 Tagaytay Restaurants

1. Nothing beats an Antonio’s Dinner @ Tagaytay!
2. a Manos Greek Tavern Dinner
3. Bag of Beans: Beyond English Pies
4. Discover Verbena @ Discovery Suites, Tagaytay
5. Paul Huang’s Fire Lake Grill @ Cliff House, Tagaytay
6. Highland’s Steakhouse finally in Mall of Asia!
7. Breakfast @ Antonio’s “Halfway House”
8. Sonya’s Secret Garden
9. Opium Bed @ Buon Giorno, Cliff House, Tagaytay
10. Antonio’s Grill

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Tagaytay Adventures
Cliff House, Tagaytay — US Ambiance in a Tagaytay Setting 🙂
Taal Vista Hotel Reinvented — Amazing!
Guide to Trekking Up to the Taal Volcano – world’s smallest volcano!
Relaxing Tagaytay Escape @ Nurture Spa
Sanctuario Spa, Tagaytay