I am officially a member of Kaya-holic anonymous. I’m totally addicted to Kaya!

Super thanks to Anton Lim for bringing me these two bottles of super addicting Kaya! There are two versions, the usual Authentic Ya Kun Kaya brand from the Ya Kun chain in Singapore. The other one is from Toast Box which gained a good following with allegedly long lines in their Wisma Atria outlet. I love them both!

The Ya Kun version comes in green color brought about by pandan. It also has the same consistency as the sweet filling in Brazo de Mercedes and it taste like it too. The this Kaya version boast of all natural ingredients of egg, sugar, coconut milk and pandan. Imagine a leche flan that you can spread in your pandesal and enjoy it for its sweetness. Put it with butter and toast it together, and you will have your own Kaya toast right in your own home! I can even put as many jam as I want unlike when I buy it at the Kopi Roti store. It is perfect if it goes with your own coffee with condensed milk.

The Toast Box version comes in golden brown color because of the honey. This is similar to our Coconut Jam with a honey twist and a smoother light consistency. I was wondering why our own coconut jam, is not elevated to this level of addicting status. If you love the honey taste, then this is perfect for you. I agree with Anton Lim that this is a special kind of Kaya that is worth lining up for. Thanks Thanks so much!

I do hope these Kaya bottles could last me until end-November. But I doubt it though 🙂

Authentic Ya Kun Kaya’s Ingredients:
Eggs, sugar, Coconut milk and pandan
with no preservatives added nor artificial colorings and flavorings.

Toast Box Hainanese Kaya with Honey Ingredients:
Fresh eggs, Fresh coconut extract, refined sugar,
modified starch and approved colours E102, E110, E133…