Set D: 4 pcs. Home Made “Roti” Kaya Toast with Kopi or Tea (P85)

I love Kaya Toast! It was on my top 10 favorite Singapore food (see Makan Food Trip – My Top 10 Favorites! ). That’s why I was pleasantly surprised that it is now available in Manila via the mushrooming Kopi Roti Stores all over Metro Manila. It is not exactly the same, but it is close enough that you don’t need to fly to Singapore to try it out. I’m sure the novelty will wear out, but at least if you haven’t tried Kopi Roti, you’ve been missing on one of the best foreign coffee shop that arrived in Manila since Starbucks. In Lori’s recent post Singapore So Good, Lah! , she raves above Kaya Toast:

“I’ve made it my mission while in Singapore to try kaya toast. I came across it in some food blog a few weeks before, and I’m hooked. In itself, kaya is a jam made from coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and flavored with pandan. It’s thick and a gentle green, reminding me of a milder version of our local coco jam. Spread on bread that’s toasted over a charcoal grill and then topped with a thick lashing of cold butter, it’s a traditional Singaporean breakfast eaten with soft-boiled eggs washed down with hot, strong kopi (coffee) that’s been roasted with corn and lashed with condensed milk. A perfect perk-me-up.” by Lori of dessertscomefirst,

The only thing is that I miss buying the bottle of Kaya so that you can enjoy your own Kaya toast at home. I asked Kopi Roti if they sell Kaya, unfortunately they don’t. Hmmn, maybe Lori can bring some bottles of Kaya from Ya Kun back in the Philippines as a pasalubong…. hint, hint 🙂

Set E: Kopi Bun with Kopi or Tea (P75)

I’m not sure why they are promoting Kopi Bun instead of the Kaya Toast. Actually, this is equally good. I like the crispy coffee crust on the outside and the inside is filled with a hollow opening filled with Kaya (it taste like it). The best part is, you can dip the big chunk of the kopi bun in the hot kopi with the condensed milk. The bun will absorb a good amount of the Kopi like a sponge so that you have enough time to put the kopi bun to your mouth before it drips. This is a lot lot better than the starbucks coffee experience if you ask me.

The Kopi/ Tea are very good! I’m not a coffee addict so I cannot describe how good it is. I can just describe that after drinking the coffee with the condensed milk, you would say “Damn, this coffee is really good. ” You have three versions: the Kopi (or tea) with Milk, Kopi with “C” and Kopi with “O” . Here is a translation table:

Kopi/ Tea with Milk (P45) = Kopi/Tea with Condensed Milk (Must Try!!)
Kopi/Tea with “C” (P45) = Kopi/Tea with Evaporated milk (so why not call it with “E”?)
Kopi/Tea with “O” (P40) = Kopi/Tea with no milk, just black.

Kopi Roti, Mall of Asia (South Wing) — Opens 7am daily.

Their biggest store is in Katipunan (if I’m not mistaken). There is also one along timog Avenue near Finio. Also, I recently seen them in the Airport terminals. We need to prepare ourselves for the invasion of this Singapore Breakfast favorite. Frankly, I don’t mind. I do hope they open in Makati very soon!

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