3/17/15 Update: KAINAN SA DALAMPASIGAN: A Must Stop Over Filipino Restaurant in Nasugbu! 

A Warm Welcome to Kainan sa Dalampasigan!

Doesn’t this remind you of a scene in The Lord of The Rings?… These hanging vines are enough to set the tone for a lunch/dinner in a middle of a rustic garden. The nearest beach places in Manila are the ones in Nasugbu or Calatagan Batangas. I like going to these parts of Batangas, because it passes by Tagaytay. So almost, always, Tagaytay is the setting for Breakfast on the way to Batangas and for Dinner on the way back home. I’ve always been on a look out for a good lunch place within the Nasugbu area. The ones that gives you a give provincial feel/ welcome, with a nice ambiance, good food with a good value for money. I’m glad we found Kainan sa Dalampasigan right in the heart of Nasugbu Town.

I would recommend this place as a good stop on your way to Punta Fuego or the Calatagan Beaches. The places serves home cooked food with Tangingue steak as the main attraction. The ambiance is quite nice and they took time to invest on the ambiance to compete with the beach resorts to attract the beach goers for a lunch or even merienda affair. I must admit this place has been in existence for a long time now, but they just renovated recently so during my first visit — I was happy to find this garden place. Of course, this wouldn’t compare with Sonja’s garden or Antonio’s but you can say that this is more of a provincial version of a garden leaning towards a rustic feel to its ambiance.

I was just excited to see the hanging vines and I took a picture above to remind me of the opening welcome scene when you arrive at this place.

Plates are set just for you, provincial setting style.

Steaming Hot Dalampasigan Soup (P170).

The lady who took our order said it was a clear soup. Is this a clear soup to you? Oh well, it doesn’t matter because we immediately sip into the soup that made us want to have another serving. Filled with vegetables, 3-4 shrimps, squid and beaten egg.

Start it healthy with Sariwang Lumpia (P65).

Before hitting on the cholesterol!

One of their bestseller, Baked Tahong (P200).

Can’t stop popping one mussels to another! Melted cheese with cream then top it with the butter sauce, just no other way for me to eat this one!

Another bestseller of the house, Tangingue Steak (P240).

The seafood’s version of Pork Steak. Tangingue was not tender but the sauce compensated and made it special. Its tanginess and sweetness combined was too tempting for us. Not to mention that it was cooked with butter, another reason why it was deliciously tempting. Can you see the residue marked on the plate? Yikes!

To add some excitement to our entourage, we ordered Sizzling Squid (P220).

The last to be devoured and still with leftovers because we were busy finishing off the baked tahong. The rice was wrapped in leaves to give aroma and drama but neither was achieved. Rice was plenty per serving (P25).

Nothing beats this dessert, Leche Flan (P140).

One of the most favorable dessert of of all times. I like mine to be creamy melt-in-your-mouth leche flan…(What is it with those melt-in-your-mouth food?!). Even this was not my kind of M.I.Y.M leche flan, I still like it because of its richness. Anything too tempting is just not so good!

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