I do hope that everybody is OK after the storm Milenyo last Thursday. I was in our building in Makati when the storm hit Manila, and entire building shook due to the intensity of the storm. We were watching the cars along Ayala Avenue trying their best to avoid the flying tree branches and other objects. Most of the trees are uprooted and I was tempted to take pictures of the devastation to post it in my blog.

Instead, I decided to take a picture of this beautiful sunrise sky a day after the storm. During this time, there is still no electricity and most of Metro Manila’s power was restored only last Sunday, October 1. I’ve never seen the sky so beautiful when I woke up on a friday morning. There are establishments and places which stood the test of typhoon, Milenyo. But also, there are those who failed and their weaknesses revealed.

A day after, there is still no power and I was looking for breakfast for my family. I was glad to see that this Taho vendor is business as usual as early as 7am on a Friday morning. The Jollibee store along Diosdado Macapagal was also open for business and I surprised my wife with a Longganisa breakfast when she woke up 🙂

The generator in our building is still functioning with limited capacity to supply the elevators and outside utility outlets. It was funny to see this one guy who can’t resist to cook using these outside outlets.

Another thing, check out Wunderground.com which provides accurate forecasts of the weather. In the last typhoon, it was able to predict accurately the exact day the storm will be arriving in Manila.