Finally, we were able to taste the best Mango Torte in Manila. I got oriented on what a Torte should look and taste like. Frankly, I don’t know what a Torte is and how is it different from a cake. Apparently, when you say Torte it would have the following characteristics: it is used to describe a round cake, it has large amounts of nuts to replace flour, and it has several layers of cream and fruit.

Everybody would agree that the best part of Dulcelin’s cakes are the cashew-based nougatine that is crunchy despite its thin weave composition. The generous scoops of Mango balls are frozen. I would prefer to eat mango not in its frozen state so we got mixed reactions on this depends on your preference. We should try the strawberry shortcake next time which also have the same addicting cashew-based nougatine. I heard that their Strawberry shortcake was the best seller instead of the Mango Torte.

BTW, when we visited Dulcelin in Times. St. in West Triangle, we were looking for a dessert cafe but we were surprised that it was just a house.

The box is simply chinese red which reminds me of a red ribbon box for some reason. You can feel that the entire box was put in the freezer because of its coolness and perspiring cardboard sides.

Check out the several layers of Cream, frozen Mango, Cream and then the Nougatine Layer. This was a refreshing dessert for me since I this is my first education on Torte. I’m glad that they did not increase their prices ever since last year. Here are the prices:

Dulcelin’s mango torte (P700/12” · P480/9”)
Strawberry Cake (P900/9”)

We were looking for a cafe but this was the only Dulcelin sign that greeted us. I was laughing with my wife when we arrived at Dulcelin 🙂 BTW, usually you can drop by and buy the Mango Torte any time of the day (except during after a typhoon milenyo — which we did the first time). For the other cakes, you need to order in advance.

Dulcelin Gourmet Mango Torte
Tel# +632 374-2165, + 632 374-21 67
#36 Times St. West Triangle, Quezon City

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