UPDATE March 6, 2014:  This restaurant is now closed 🙁

I can still remember celebrating our first year wedding anniversary last January 2004 at Chef Laudico’s house in Urdaneta, Makati. At that time, it was still a secret or only a few people knew about it. We loved it and I earned a lot of brownie kisses for it. So when I learned that Chef Laudico will be opening a Filipino restaurant in the Fort, I was excited and the timing was perfect for my wife’s Birthday last October 1. Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino soft opened last Sept. 27, 2006. After 3 days of operation, it was already a witness to the strongest typhoon that hit Manila in past 11 years, and a Christian wedding/ reception which was celebrated last Saturday (maybe you would know who it was).

Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico serves Filipino fusion food and these are the sort of food that could take off in the international scene. I saw a lot of expats and sossy people eating here because dining here would costs you around P1,500ish easily. I love the Filipino fusion food by Chef Laudico and the desserts by his wife, Jackie! These are the kind of food that won’t make you feel bad spending that much. The interiors are designed by their mom with contributions from the family which made the whole establishment a true family affair. I’m sure you’ll love this too and Je Suis Gourmand (JSG) would now have a match in the Fort 🙂 It is literally two blocks down from JSG and it is located in Net One building along the same road as JSG. One can just walk whenever one restaurant is full but I don’t advise you to do so because I’m sure that both would be full especially on a weekend.

I know you will love this and they will have a grand opening on October 8, 2006. Here is our experience and share with us your food experience at Bistro Filipino. Thanks to Anna Ria for the tip on Bistro Filipino’s opening.

The interiors are lovely: Draping curtains with chandelier all around… Wooden tables… long couch attached to the walls… diamond checkered flooring. The mirrors are antique looking and if you were to make a reservation, the best table are those adjacent to the big mirrors on the wall. It is simply a romantic setting and reminds me of the interiors at the Laudico’s place in Urdaneta.

Even the trip to the rest room is an experience in itself. We had fun taking photographs of the family in the mirror. Check out my flickr site if you want to see those fun shots 🙂

Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino Cuisine.

First of all, here is the menu if you want to check out the kind of food that you would order before going here. BTW, did I tell you that the service is great?! In fact, when I was taking a picture of the menu, I thought the waiters would accost me and tell me “no photography please”. Instead, they helped me out in getting a good shot of the menu. Galing 🙂 I’m pretty sure that they don’t know that I will be blogging about it.

Appetizers Menu
Salads Menu
Soup Menu
Main Course Menu: Seafood
Main Course Menu: Meat
Desserts Menu
Note: The menu is exclusive of (12%) VAT and service charge (10%) so I would put ++ in the prices below.

Ubod Spring Roll (P250++). Crispy Lumpia cone filled with Chorizo, Prawns, and Heart of Palm topped with Spicy Sinamak Sorbet.

Each of the cone would costs you P77 and you would ask if it is worth the price?! You bet it is, and the best part for me is the Sinamak Sorbet. It is a super hot local vinegar that can beat wasabi any time of the day. I think there is an addicting factor that makes you forget how expensive each shot is. I remember a friend of mine bringing back to Manila a bottle of it but was forbidden by the airport authority in Bacolod.

The way to eat it is to pour the sinamak vinegar into the cone, take a nasty bite and whisper ” yummy” in your stomach. It is kinda messy with the vinegar dripping when you eat it. This was an innovative appetizer treat!

Milked Fish Souffle (P350++). Smoked Milk Fish and Keso de Bola Souffle in Whole Tomato served with Salad Greens in Paksiw Vinaigrette topped with Fried Bangus Belly.

The Bangus belly is not overpowering and has the right salty taste. This would have been perfect if the Bangus Belly was boneless. We loved the Keso de Bola Souffle served inside a big tomato. Nothing fantastic (if you think about it) but this is a classic example of how the presentation could influence your taste buds 🙂

Pacific Gindara (P450++). Grilled local Gindara fillet in Banana leaf served on grilled vegetables and crab roe sauce with Lemon Zest.

When we ate there, they replaced the Gindara with alapaap which should be ok except that it is also not boneless. I’m not sure, if it was intended to be full of fish bones but for me, it ruins the fine dining experience. The crab roe sauce is heavenly and sinful at the same time so this dish was wiped out in a second. The fish serving is very generous and it is good for two.

Foie Gras with Adobo Overload (P750++). Seared Foie Gras on Steamed Pork Adobo Sticky Rice in Banana Leaf topped with Chicken Adobo crisps and Adobong Kangkong.

This is the best seller in the house and I think it is rightfully so! This is Adobo fusion food that you’ve never seen before. One should have a share of the everything in a spoon, its Adobo Pork Machang with a slice of the melt-in-your-mouth Foie Gras with the crispy adobo chicken flakes and adobong Kangkong to really appreciate. I don’t mind paying P924 pesos for this killer food and the servings are generously for two.

Jackie Laudico’s Awesome Dessert!

We were quite surprised with how good the desserts are. We were not expecting it to be this good. I can go here just for the desserts!

Mango Dayap Sans Rival (P150++). Layers of Dayap Meringue and Creme Caramel on chilled mango soup splashed with Orange Liquer.

My wife loves Sans Rival and this Laudico version pampers you with 3 layers of pure dayap meringue. When we eat Sans rival, we normally remove the butter and cream to eat only the meringue part. In this sans rival version, you don’t need to do that and you can eat this with less quilt. Everybody loves Mango and it was a genius combining this with Merengue. You won’t feel guilty about the calories of this dessert but you will feel guilty about ruining its beautiful presentation. Just look at it, isn’t it temptingly beautiful and delicious?

Molten Chocolate (P200++). Belgian Molten Chocolate Cake with Carabao Vanilla Ice Cream Center.

This is another fabulous presentation. It looks like the apple melts directly into the plate and the same is true for the chocolate cake. I love eating the melted chocolate and all we can say is, you’ve gotta try this. It is like eating melted belgian chocolate with guava sauce (I think). Super Sarap!!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl on earth :)!! Happy Happy Birthday !!

Chef Laudico and wife Jackie with Aidan. I’m starting to collect pictures of Aidan with top known chef and hopefully he would cherish these photos when he grows up.

Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino
Bistro Filipino, Net One Building, in the Fort
+632 856-0634, +632 856-0541 (for reservations)

For Catering, please contact:
Tel. # +632 750-1599, +632 893-1740
Cell # +63917 800-CHEF, +63917 826-9184
Email: [email protected]