1. Fish Head Curry — My wife wanted to try this out and so we did. It was just okay, nothing to rave about or maybe we just had too much of everything that night. The huge snapper head served was enough for the three of us but with the other food on the table, it was way too much. There was so much fish meat that i thought it was an endless eating. Cooked in a spicy, tangy, tamarind curry with okra and tomatoes.

2. Popiah — A Hokkien style fresh spring rolls with julienned turnips (singkamas), carrots, egg, prawns and ground peanuts wrapped in rice flour sheet. One healthy dish! Counterpart of our lumpiang ubod with its crunchiness and freshness.

3. Chwee Keuh — Steamed round soft rice cakes topped with preserved raddish, fried garlic with soy sauce and herbs. Looks like the almond cake but definitely not the same taste. We did not even get to finish one chwee keuh!

4. Rojak — A weird salad concoction but just for fun, we tried it. Made with pineapple, cucumber, dried tofu and grilled cuttlefish tossed in a spicy and piquant tamarind, prawn paste, sugar, lime and chili topped with crushed nuts. This tasted so funny because I'm not really into having pineapple in my dish.

5. Froggy Delight — Food that did not make it because we didn't get to eat it! Maybe next time! Another must try!

6. Nasi Lemak — Its rice cooked in coconut milk thus, a rich rice. Topping includes a fried fish, dilis and the chili sambal we love. Otah or otak-otak may be eaten with nasi lemak.

7. Bongo Burgers — Our first Singapore meal because we had no choice. We went straight to Jurong Bird Park after dropping off our luggage to maximize the day so what else was there to eat but the usual fastfood restaurant with their usual burgers.

8. Biryani Rice with Curry — When I knew that this rice was cooked in pork's lard, I just couldn't finish it. Too much fat! One reason why Indian's population has been decreasing.

9. Bak Wa — Preserved meat. We decided to buy the chicken meat since we have been tasting all the pork and beef as a take home.

10. Fried Carrot Cake
We felt this was too oily for our own good. No, this is not our usual orange carrots but this is a white radish belonging to carrot family. Mixed with rice flour and fried with eggs and pickled vegetables.