Chef Carlo Miguel chatting with Aidan 🙂

What is the probability of having 4 tables celebrating birthdays at the opening night of a restaurant which also falls on a monday? A slim chance perhaps, but it was indeed a blessing when Mezzaluna opened last Sept. 25 on such rare circumstances. On my mom’s birthday, we again decided to check out Piazza @ Serendra, and we were fortunate enough to eat on Mezzaluna’s 7pm opening night. Also, Baby Lopez with all the owners were celebrating his wife’s birthday and there were two other birthday celebrants on that night. We were fortunate enough that the owners decided to give each table 10% discount and 2 free complimentary desserts! Amazing night, indeed 🙂 Happy Happy Birthday to Momsy and to all the birthday celebrants!

Finally, I was able to taste the culinary delights created by Chef Carlo Miguel. The Chef Miguels (Carlo + brother, Anton who is now in Australia), are famous at one time for catering to special events/ occasions and they usually cooked at the venue itself (could be your own home). I had many failed attempts in the past to schedule such events with these Chefs, and that is why I was so curious to check them out when they opened Mezzaluna in Serendra. This is already their second restaurant and a more upscale version of their first one located in Legaspi Village. Have you been there? It would be nice to know what you think of this restaurant. If this is your first time to hear of this restaurant then let me share with you our experience at Mezzaluna last night.

( P.S. Finally, I got to blog again and get back to the blogging grove. I’m happy that I don’t have any more business trips until December — yahoo! )

The place is small and it can accommodate, I estimate about 50 people. I love the high ceiling and the lovely sentimental music that plays in the background. I also like the fact that the kitchen is open and you can see how your food is prepared. The owners are very nice and I think all of them came to visit our table and greeted my mom, a Happy Birthday.

This is an upscale version so at first you’ll be shocked at the prices but this is definitely a special place for dating or celebrating special occasions.

Check out their menu: Mezzaluna Appetizer and Main Course Menu. (Take note of the “Introductory Prices Inclusive of VAT”.)

Tournedos Rossini (P1150). Roasted USDA Angus Bistro Fillet side by side with potato gellete, sauteed foie gras and truffle jus. A Mezzaluna Favorite!

The benchmark for fine dining restaurants these days is how well they cooked the foie gras. This is definitely melt-in-your-mouth foie gras! My wife can’t get enough of it, but we have to be extra careful of the calories that comes with it 🙂 The Angus beef was OK and I had a mistake of ordering medium well which turned out to be well done.

Fish Of The Day (P530). Seated on Linguini Pasta, Cream Fraiche, Snow Peas and Mussels

The fish of the day was the Lapu-Lapu and this tasted ordinary. Nothing special.

Rosemary Chicken (P600). Together with Pumpkin, Mustard Braised Spring Onion and Asparagus

It reminded me of Andok’s Lechon Manok and I could have ordered 3 full chicken with its price 🙂

Crisp Skin Salmon (P600). Topped with Roasted Tomato and Onion while seated on crushed lemon oil potato

This is a must try! Crispy skin with very tasty textured meat with saturated (norwegian?) salmon color. Oh, we loved this, and you will completely forget how much it costs.

Also, it was funny that the chef asked me if I was taking pictures for a publication and I told him it was just for personal (blog) purposes. He said that if it was for a magazine, he would style the food differently. But see, I love my food photography to be true and honest. Frankly, I love the way it was styled when they served our food.

We loved the Desserts and I know this should have been served first 🙂 If there is a reason to go back to Mezzaluna, it would be the desserts!

Caramelized Banana Tart Tatin with Hazelnut Gelato (P225).

Can we have more of that hazelnut gelato, please? Ang sarap! This dessert is a perfect combination of Banana, Caramel and Hazelnut taste.

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Marquise (P250). Surrounded with Vanilla sauce and Topped Cotton Candy

When I saw the cotton candy, I suddenly reminisce my childhood days when I get to have my own cotton candy stick (which made me fat when I was a child). Another melt-in-your-mouth dessert that you gotta have especially for those who want to be awake all night long. Its dark chocolate’s richness is so addicting that you’ll be surprised that it’s gone in just a few minutes! Bravo for this innovative creation!!

Yoghurt and Honey Panna Cotta (P180). With Spiced Oranges

Nicely done. The spiced orange gave a new twist to the panna cotta. Minimalist both in design and taste.

Meet Chef Carlo Miguel and his chef protege, Aidan. Too bad, his brother, Anton is no longer here to share the limelight with his brother.

Wonderful restaurant and wonderful owners!! Thank you very much for a memorable birthday celebration for my mom!!

Mezzaluna @ Piazza, Serendra!
(oops, I forgot to ask their phone number in case you want to reserve.)


U-1C-01-02 Ground Floor, Serendra Piazza, The Fort, Makati City

Ground Floor Value Point Executive Apartment
227 Salcedo St. Legazpi Village, Makati City
Tel# +632 818-01-06
Opens on Monday-Friday 12nn-2:30pm, 6-10:30pm; Saturday 6-10:30pm