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September 2006

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Aloha Polu Kai!

One of the firsts Hawaiian-themed restaurant in Manila. I did not know what to expect when we would say Hawaiian food but you could imagine how the ambiance would feel like. I think this is the first time I’ve eaten in a Hawaiian restaurant so I don’t know if it really should be hot and spicy or is it a fusion of western and asian food. The restaurant is full of tikis which could be scary for some kids but we were glad that it did not affect Aidan. The waiters would greet you with an “Aloha” welcome and wave a “Mahalo” good bye. The initial feedback from the people that have eaten here is not that positive (see Eye Candy’s Polu Kai reaction). The “tiki” ambiance creates excitement in the dining experience but the food, indeed, needs improvement. I’m sure it would still improve after two months in operation.

Here is the menu so that you can prepare yourselves on what to expect when eating here.
Soup, Salads and Appetizers
Grilled and Main Courses
Pizza, Sidings and Desserts

BTW, just a word of caution, I’ve eaten in most of the Serendra restaurants and you should expect about 20% premium in most of the restaurants here. I’m not sure if the intent is just to attract the upper middle class or rich crowd; or the Serendra rent is really more expensive than most establishments. Check out the food and a detailed look at the restaurant. I’m sure you have eaten here if you have been in Serendra, so let me know how is your experience.

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#Restaurants, Bonifacio Global City

Cupcakes+Sonja: Opening Nights

Cupcakes by Sonja’s Baby Models 🙂 Yummy, Indeed!

At last, Sonja’s Cupcakes finally opened in Serendra last Thursday Sept. 21. They are usually open from 3pm-9pm since the cupcakes are baked in the morning. We usually go at night, but most of the cupcakes (at least the best ones) would be sold by then. The cupcakes ranges from P50-P80 per piece and it is usually addicting that you get to buy two at a minimum. Sonja is getting a lot of trials and repeat customers which signifies that this is a start of something good 🙂 The place is quite homey with the retro bakeshop feel to it which I believe, perfectly matches with the Serendra concept. She is still selling a limited assortment of the cupcakes and usually produces to sell fresh within the day. The cupcakes would only get better over time as the staff would be trained and become an expert in baking the cupcakes.

Have you tried this yet? Let me know what you think.

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#Restaurants, Bonifacio Global City

Mezzaluna-First Night High!

Chef Carlo Miguel chatting with Aidan 🙂

What is the probability of having 4 tables celebrating birthdays at the opening night of a restaurant which also falls on a monday? A slim chance perhaps, but it was indeed a blessing when Mezzaluna opened last Sept. 25 on such rare circumstances. On my mom’s birthday, we again decided to check out Piazza @ Serendra, and we were fortunate enough to eat on Mezzaluna’s 7pm opening night. Also, Baby Lopez with all the owners were celebrating his wife’s birthday and there were two other birthday celebrants on that night. We were fortunate enough that the owners decided to give each table 10% discount and 2 free complimentary desserts! Amazing night, indeed 🙂 Happy Happy Birthday to Momsy and to all the birthday celebrants!

Finally, I was able to taste the culinary delights created by Chef Carlo Miguel. The Chef Miguels (Carlo + brother, Anton who is now in Australia), are famous at one time for catering to special events/ occasions and they usually cooked at the venue itself (could be your own home). I had many failed attempts in the past to schedule such events with these Chefs, and that is why I was so curious to check them out when they opened Mezzaluna in Serendra. This is already their second restaurant and a more upscale version of their first one located in Legaspi Village. Have you been there? It would be nice to know what you think of this restaurant. If this is your first time to hear of this restaurant then let me share with you our experience at Mezzaluna last night.

( P.S. Finally, I got to blog again and get back to the blogging grove. I’m happy that I don’t have any more business trips until December — yahoo! )

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Awesome Filipinos

Gary V– Still the best after 23 years!

You got to watch Gavy V @ 23 this coming Sunday on Channel 2 after Pinoy Dream Academy. This is one of the best Gary V concert that I’ve seen. We watched the last show last Sept. 8 and all the Gary V fans out there would agree that after 23 years, Gary V. still has that magic. There will also be a re-run in October in Music Museum, maybe you might want to catch that instead.

What I like about the show is that they used rectangular LCD panels to enhance the performances. I’ve seen this used also in musical broadway shows. In the particular photo above, the rectangular LCD screens transformed into large speakers as Gary and son, Gaby danced passionately to the song “Di Bale Na Lang.” This is only one of the attractions in the show and I’ll give you a sneak peek on this concert.

BTW, Let me know what you think after watching the concert this Sunday in TV.

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Josephine’s Restaurant — a Filipino Resto experience in Central London

I had an argument with my brother before I finally convinced him to go to this only Filipino Restaurant in London. It was a first time for both of us in Central London. We spent two and a half days, going to the different tourist places and usually we eat on the go to save time. We were debating on why do we need to eat in a Filipino restaurant in London. First of all, eating in a restaurant would set us back at least 2 hours and why do we need to eat Filipino cuisine in Central London when I am from the Philippines and going back the next day! Endless discussion but in the end, my argument of loving our own and supporting our fellow kababayans outside our country won. Also, I’ll tell you an open secret, the Londoners have no food that they can call their own — except for Fish and Chips. I hated all the food I ate and I was dying to eat Filipino food. After having the food trip in Singapore, I thought I would also be able to do this here but I was dead wrong! I was already dreaming of eating at least a decent meal in a Filipino restaurant only to find out that there is one and only Filipino restaurant called Josephine’s somewhere around the Oxford shopping area.

If you are a tourist and you only have two days, would you spend the time to eat in a Filipino Restaurant in Central London? Or, maybe I’m just weird.

Josephine’s Restaurant was a 5 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Tube station corner Oxford street. It was the best meal I had in London, and my brother would agree. The food is home cooked Filipino Fusion that could rival Guava or Filos in the Fort. They have been operational for 10 years now this September.

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#Restaurants, Bonifacio Global City

Cupcakes by Sonja: Soft Opening

cupcakesbysonja_soft opening copy, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

Finally!!! Cupcakes by Sonja is opening. Don’t you wish it was already Thursday? Please say hi, if you happen to see me there.

Also, you might be wandering where have I been and have not been updating my blog. I don’t usually announce in my blog if I will be traveling outside the country with the hope that I can continue to blog. Unfortunately, I now realize that I need to go on blog leave. Anyway, I’ve been to London, UK and I can’t wait to post my experience. Watch out for it!

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What a Spankadventure: The Very Best of Pampanga Cuisine!

(Left to Right, Back to Front Row) Ajay ( with son Paolo, my brother Rommel, my sister-in-law Clauds, Spanky Enriquez (, Bal the driver, Nina (, Kendrick Tan, our good friends Maong and Luisa, my lovely wife Rache, my son Aidan, and yours truly. Taken in Everybody’s Cafe in San Fernando, Pampanga just before the Pampanga feast!

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It was a foodie dream come true!

I have always dreamed about the day that I would get to explore the very best of Pampanga food. Once again, that dream came true last Saturday night during our pampanga culinary adventure 2.0 led by Spanx. We ended the food trip with a kapampangan feast that we will never forget. From Mely’s Sisig, to Jun-Jun’s Barbeque and the popular Everybody Cafe’s authentic Pampanga food. Of course, the meal will not be complete without the unique Pampanga dessert treat of Doren Tayag’s Decadent Cake with Caramel Sauce and Aurely’s Special upside down version of Brazo de Mercedes.

You won’t be a certified foodie if you haven’t tasted this cuisine. I will try my best to share with you our experience so you can be inspired to seek out these authentic Pampanga delights on your own time. I assure you can’t find these types of food in the Metro and yes, you have to travel to San Fernando, Pampanga for a taste of all of these. Thanks to Spanky for another successful Pampanga Culinary Tour!

It would be difficult to top this trip because every tour gets better and better. We are thinking of a final Pampanga culinary tour 3.0 which will be the last of the Pampanga Culinary Trilogy. I do hope you can come and I’m sure that it would be one food adventure you will never forget. Watch out for this in October and I’ll try to put an invite earlier so that you can block your own schedule.

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Food Tours

9/9- A Culinary Tour of Pampanga 2.0

9/6/06: LAST Call for all those who wants to join us in Pampanga. There would be slight chances in the itinerary but these trips are usually anything goes. Total damage might be P1,000-P1,500 depending on how many will be joining to share on the transpo costs. Pick up areas would be Makati and North Edsa.

Open Invitation to all foodies out there:

We loved it so much that we felt that we are just scratching the surface of the Kapampangan cuisine. Spanky again agreed to lead us to another food adventure on Sept. 9, Saturday and here is the tentative schedule:

Leave Manila at around 9/10am.
Take Nlex and exit San Fernando.
Razon’s Halo Halo at their original location in Guagua.
Check out Wood Carvers in Lubao Drive to Subic SBMA and have lunch at Meat Plus.
Take the Haribon Foundations’s GuBAT Biodiversity Conservation Education and Bat-tour
To make Ajay happy, Duty Free shopping in SBMA.
After Subic, drive to Sen. Lito Lapid’s legacy of the Megadike
Pasalubong shopping in San Fernando at Aurely’s Bakeshop for the sinfully rich Brazo de Mercedes “bars”
Pasalubong shopping at Pampanga’s Best & Tita’s Pasalubong
Finale Dinner at Everybody’s Cafe

There are already a few people who have confirmed to join so let me know if you want to join. Everybody is invited and the only requirement is that you need to be ready for a food marathon. Based on the first culinary tour experience, we would like to hire a van so that we can maximize the interaction and bonding in the car.

If you have any other suggestions on the itinerary, please let us know.

Brought to you by: Spanky Culinary Tours of Pampanga.


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