blooms in baguio, originally uploaded by ulan25. (Thanks to Ian Rica Roxas for the Photo)
From Left to Right: Lakan Hila, Pepe Lozano, Louie Poco, Rocky Collado, Jay Jay Lozano (see
band profiles)

I’ve never seen a band play the 60’s music and wow the crowd like crazy! I’ve never enjoyed Rock and Roll until last night at Conways Shangrila. (Ok, I know Conways now caters to what we call the paying crowd or the oldies audience) I guess this is how it feels like back then to enjoy the music of the Beattles, Burt Bacharach, Jerry Lewis and others. They play their hearts out like there is no tomorrow and you can see all of them are having fun. They are very talented from the drummer, to the basist, to the guitarist, and the pianist — to top it off, all of them sings! You can see that some ladies find them charming.

They approached their performance in a purist kind of way. They came in orchestrated 60’s tight coat and tie, complete with the hairdo, top to bottom. Their choreography was amazing from the kneeling on the stage while playing the guitar to jumping all at the same time in a 60’s splitting fashion. Such energy! They played with their expensive vintage guitars that produces sound that may be the envy of all the other bands. The drummer Rocky performed for more than 5 minutes and everybody loved it enough to almost give him a standing ovation. The pianist, Lakan Hila, played and sang Great balls of fire to a dancing crowd almost like Jerry Lewis. These guys are unbelievably talented and their re-mixed retro 60’s music is the best in the country today. The crowd were unstoppable that evening.

I just learned that these guys are lasalistas who started playing together back in grade school music classes in La Salle Greenhills (see: Rocking with their groovy tunes . . . and their moptops). I don’t usually rave about bands — never until now. I know that they will be one of the greatest musicians in the country. Check out their official website for band gig schedules:

As for me, I’m now a Fan. Rock on Bloomfields!