Intrigera! Tsismosa! Taksil! Magnanakaw!

Tacsiyapo!! Shame on You!!

Aahh, what a way to release your anger… It depends on how angry you are, you can smash a P15 cup or P1,300 working TV (yeah, a big TV). I don’t know who would be crazy enough to drive for 3 hours from Manila just to throw a TV into a wall… But I must admit, this is a great gimik and a good marketing publicity for Isdaan.

A lot of people are intimidated to stop by this place because of its cheesy childish design with stone giants. But here is a tip for you, this is the best place to stop over before driving back to Manila after that Baguio or Pagudpud trip. In the past, Hacienda Luisita was my favorite place for that last dinner stop before NLEX but now it is merely a Starbucks stop.

We love it here.

It is a good place for families with kids who can play around in this floating restaurant and be entertained by the giant structures. The food is as good as Barrio Fiesta food, so it is a good stop for Filipino food if you have Balikbayans with you. The tacsiyapo wall, frankly, is just a wall which you will realize after wasting your P15 for a mug. But if you are really raging mad at that time, this is a sure way to release your anger while shouting “Tacsiyapo” and throwing away the mug or whatever you have chosen to smash onto the wall! Lastly, they have a San Kilo Bridge, where they would give you a free 1 kilo of tilapia, if you are able to successfully cross the bridge back and forth. We tried this successfully and we got 4 pieces of free grilled tilapia 🙂 Best time to go here is in the evening so that it is a little cooler and you’ll be prepared for any eventualities with the San Kilo Bridge.

Let me show you around Isdaan, so that next time you don’t miss the fun happening in this place.

It is a floating restaurant with huts all around. The overall ambiance is exciting, charming, and unique. Once you arrive, they would give you free fish food so that you can feed the coi fishes. You’ll be lucky if you can reserve a single detached huts as seen above.

This is actually a Barrio Fiesta sister company so expect the Filipino food to be great since it is already tried and tested through the years. They serve the sinigang soup in Bamboo containers. You can order refreshing coconuts which is very good after a long drive.

This would be a traditional Filipino feast with dishes served in Banana leaves and rice served in a small kaldero. If you are lucky with the San Kilo challenge, you can have one kilo of fish for free 🙂

Here is the Isdaan Menu:
>> Front Menu
>> Back Menu
>> Tacsiyapo Menu-on-the-wall

Here is a nice picture of the stone giants. I particularly like the dinosaur structure which is a good photo spot for kids.

There are also giant fishes which adds to the overall ambiance of the place. After all, this place is coined because of them.

This is the most disgusting part, seeing these poor sheep drag a chair for kids in a kalesa fashion. You’ll feel sorry for these animals. Also, they are stationed in front of the tacsiyapo wall and they would pee around the area which makes the place unbearable due to the stinking smell. I thought it was not real because i can’t believe that there would be such animal cruelty inside the place but when i saw it moved, I was surprised!
Calling the attention of Isdaan owners, please save the sheep from this cruelty!

This is the best part when you decide to cross the San Kilo bridge while bringing one pail of water. According to the waiters, there are people who literally fell into the shallow fish pond so if i were you, better bring your suits. It is just intimidating at first (but I must admit, I was scared too :)) but if you really are determined to have that one kilo of free fish, why not? I’m pretty sure if you are not a gym buff, your arms would be aching the next day.

Here is the view as you start to cross the bridge. The cement bridge is big enough for you to maintain your balance.

This was the most difficult part. You have to cross five consecutive shell hurdles while the crowd is watching you. It gets shaky when you pass the pail of water from your left hand and right hand. But it is all in the mind, and you just have to focus to complete crossing the bridge like our friends who made it.

>> More Photos of Isdaan @ Gerona, Tarlac.

Directions: You’ll never miss this along the national road in Gerona, Tarlac area.

Have you been here? Let me know what you think and what we have missed trying.