Guava is the first restaurant to open in Piazza @ Serendra area. This one-week-old restaurant offers Filipino fusion with unique food items in the menu. Bernard Dee is the Chef consultant who created the fusion menu with items like Kare kare with Bagoong & Tsokolate, Monggonisa, and Pininoy na Foie Gras. He warmly welcomed us together with Gary who gave us very good food recommendations and allowed us to take photos. Chef Bernard even cooked us Salmon in Guava broth and it was not even in the menu. He also took time explaining to us the different guava dishes they serve and how it is prepared and cooked.

So while having fun with our usual photo food session as the dishes arrives on our table, one of the owners started questioning us. I thought to myself, oh no, not one of those old school No Photography policies again. One of them even told me to set an appointment if I want to take photos — how ridiculous is that? They can’t believe that I do photography as a hobby and I don’t get compensated for it — they probably think I’m nuts (But you all know how I love what I’m doing). They kept on giving me a skeptical eye that I might steal their menu since I’m not from print media or tv. When I told them that I blog places I go to and I want to feature their restaurant, one of the owners again gave me a frown (I told myself, why do I even bother give this resto free advertising). She said they plan to franchise the restaurant and they don’t want it to be copied by anyone — which is fair I guess. All of the five owners were there, and only Gary really gave us a warm smile and greeting– we truly appreciate it!I dislike restaurants owners do not care about customer service. But I guess, lets give this 60sq pioneering resto in Serendra the benefit of the doubt that this would only happen to me and it is an exception.

The Verdict: We love the Monggonisa (definitely a must try!) and Sinigang in Guava broth. My wife avoids eating Sinigang as much as she can but to my surprise, she loved the soup. She even asked to have my share! It was an interesting concept that the Pritchon is prepared in front of you with various selections of sauces but it just occupies a space where you could still add a table. We were hoping to try the Pininoy na Foie Gras but it was not available so if there would be a next time, we would surely try this best selling appetizer. The bagoong tsokolate is a winner because of its unique taste where the saltiness of the bagoong is subdued by the chocolate. Stay away from the desserts. Overall, I think it is expensive at P400/ head with rice at P45 and 3 pieces of pritchon with small cuts of lechon already at P185. As for customer service, let me know what’s your experience once you’ve tried this place.

The place is quite small, even smaller than Lemuria. I’m not sure if I would call this hole-in-the-wall but they won’t qualify just because they are located in Serendra. Here is a photo of Chef Bernard Dee entertaining the guests. The interiors are simple conforming to the overall theme of Guava. It was named Guava to give it a modern Filipino name and it offers guava inspired dishes like Sinigang in Guava broth.

Check out the Guava Menu before you tried this place out.
Guava Menu (Front)
Guava Menu (Back)

Pritchon from the bar is carved on the spot which makes this dish interesting.

You have a wide selection of six (6) special sauces: Chili-garlic, Sour Cream and Chives, Sour Cream and Garlic, Sweet Soy Chili, Peanut Sauce and Black Bean Sauce.

Pritchon from the bar (P 185) “with garnishing of chives, wansuey, cucumber, onions and leeks.” We just thought that it is an itsy bitsy pritchon and it costs P60++ per bite, este per piece.

Monggonisa (P125). ” Monggo with cuts of longganisa. A must try dish because you never had monggo this way. “

We must admit that this is not-to-be-missed dish and you won’t go wrong with this. The Mongo is cooked perfectly well with the right consistent taste. The flavorful homemade longganisa in the center makes this a killer dish, definitely. It only costs P125!

Pandan Wrapped in Ubod in Watercress Salad. (P185). “Julienned ubod with Shitake, Shrimps, and Wansuey Dressing.”

Nothing exciting but there are big slices of Ubod which taste OK together with the sweet wanseuy dressing.

< no photo, sour graping >
Guava’s Kare Kare with Bagoong Tsokolate (P385).
” Oxtail, tripe, and vegetables with peanut sauce. Savour the dish with bagoong flavored with chocolate. “

I’ve tasted better kare kare but they use real ox tail that makes this a worth while dish. You just had to try the bagoong tsokolate.

< no photo, sour graping >
Salmon in Guava Broth (P 455)

Oh we loved this! Specially with the Salmon combination. As I said, this is the dish created on the spot by Chef Bernard and it is indeed very very good. No photo for this dish for I was given a raised eyebrow.

Purple Yam Flan with Ube Jam and Vanilla Ice Cream (P85).
Ube jam is one of my wife’s favorite but this dessert turned out to be a disappointment to her. There was a small scoop of the ube jam which tasted good but the purple yam flan was not. You have to eat the flan with the ice cream for it to taste better. No second taste for us.

Guava is directly in front of Market Market located in the mini rotonda.

You should take the Serendra driveway and parking is in the baseway. Go here while the parking is free!! Knowing Ayala, that won’t last for so long.

Please let me know what you think of Guava. Thanks!!