Where can you eat authentic tasty Cebu Lechon, yummy Pampanga Sisig, sweet, smelly Durian and juicy Suha of Davao, fresh seafood from Roxas City complete with a “Dampa” cooking service concept all in one place? The secret is out, Taste Asia is voted as my best restaurant in the Mall of Asia. Whoever conceptualized this place is a genius and really knows the Filipino taste in food at an affordable price! Most of the dishes will play around P100-P200 price range and expect to pay P300/ head at the maximum if you avail of the cooking service.

What I liked about Taste Asia: the seafood was deliciously fresh not like the ones at the Seafood Dampas along Macapagal Blvd. Also, Taste Asia was able to achieve a one-stop shop for authentic, affordable Filipino favorites where Tiendesitas failed and nowhere close to how good the food was in Taste Asia. It is not only where you can find “The True Taste of Pinoys” but you can also explore the other Asian cuisine all in one place. All your cravings for asian dishes will be satisfied 🙂 If you are a healthy eater, fret no more because fresh fruits and salads are available for your indulgence. You can also specify the way you want your seafoods are cooked, similar to the dampas. One thing amiss was the limited choices of vegetable dishes and limited display of fresh vegetables. At night, there are bands playing similar to the boardwalk along Roxas Blvd.

The entire place is al fresco, and it is definitely not ideal to eat here in the afternoon or during summer unless you missed having your summer tan just don’t forget your suntan lotion. Best time to eat here is during weeknights because Mall of Asia is lovely during the weekdays since it is not too crowded.

1. My Taste Asia Favorites

Fresh Seafood cooked the way you like it 🙂 I would say that the seafood is fresher than the Seafood Dampa along Macapagal Blvd. I do hope it consistently remains the same.

I’m sure there are other places where you can get the Cebu Lechon but I’m glad I can have it here all in one place. Cebu Lechon is famous for the way they cook the pig where the meat is tasty in itself and you don’t need additional sauces or sarsa to complete the taste.

Pampanga’s Sisig is the best for me whether it would be Aling Lucing’s or other’s. The Pampanga way of cooking makes sisig ingredients taste like meat and it has that soft texture instead of the usual crunchy version.

Nothing beats getting the fresh fruits and salads in living a healthy lifestyle. The fruits display is similar with the fruits you would see in Davao. I was also expecting that they have a

2. Fresh Seafood Paluto

Station 5 — Asian Fusion, this is just besides the fresh seafood display. This is where we asked our seafood to be cooked and we were not disappointed. Only thing is the cooking charge is P100 per kilo gram so you better avoid anything with shells since it would be heavier.

Fresh Salmon

Yummy Shrimps

For lobster lovers…

Wow Fresh Frogs!

Crabs cooked the way you like it…

Baked Oyster is available to satisfy your cravings.

Here are the different stations where you can have your food cooked. For a bigger version click here.

3. Lasang Filipino

There are a lot of Filipino Stations aside from the Asian Fusion. Tito Rey’s Sinigang is also worth mentioning and we ordered Kilawing Puso ng Saging as our vegetable dish and it became my instant favorite. I have not tried the Sinigang here but the Asian Fusion Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso was equally good.

A Filipino experience won’t be complete without Barbeque and Java Rice similar to Aristrocrat

Bacolod’s famous Inasal Chicken cooking…

Dizon’s Fruit Shake and Fruit Ala-Mode.

Special Chinese Lumpia and Batangas Bibingka.

Japanese Sweet Corn

Fresh Salads.

Suha and Durian from Davao

Fresh Fruit Juice at P49/ bottle.

Even though they have a buy 5 take 1 promo (P60/bottle), this still does not compare with the happy hour promo of Pier 1 or Aruba which would sell san might light at P30-P35 per bottle from 5pm-8pm.

4. Truly a Taste of Asia
Here are the different asian cuisines also available in Taste Asia but not as popular as the Filipino dishes.

Japanese Stall

Chinese Stall

Thai Stall

Korean Stall

Indian Stall

Taste Asia is located in the North Side of Mall of Asia beside SM Hypermarket. You can opt to Park in the North Parking tower or the parking beside IMAX side. See complete gallery of Taste Asia. The second taste asia outlet will open in SM Ortigas besides Tiendesitas.


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