Grande Seafood Jambalaya (P425) To Share

You would always hear the chefs in the open kitchen of the Gumbo, shout “Ahh. Seafood Jambalaya” as they serve their “star” dish to their customers. Gumbo is the newest themed restaurant revolving around the concept of “A Taste of New Orleans”, their first branch. This less than a month old place in the Mall of Asia is a sister company of Burgo’s Restaurant so this is not a multinational chain but proudly Filipino owned company. You can see the servers wearing the multi-colored beads necklaces, inspired by the women collecting these beads during the New Orlean’s Mardi Gras. Bag Hag actually enjoyed her visit to this place in her posts “Salcedo Market + TRESORMAKATI update” but unfortunately, we had a different experience.

Actually the “Ahh. Seafood Jambalaya” turned into “Ayy, Seafood Jambalaya pala”. I always hate it when the photos in the menus are dishonest and typical of any marketing hype. We were fooled by the menu on how good the Grande Seafood Jambalaya looks like and was disappointed by the presentation when it was served to us. We were expecting the our jambalaya would be full of shrimps, squid and mussels like it was in the menu but to our dismay the paella rice was all over the dish! The supposedly toppings were hidden somewhere down there. Excitement turned to disappointment but to be fair and of course, we already ordered it, we digged in. I did not really enjoy the paella-type cooking because there was no consistency in taste throughout the journey with our Jambalaya — some portions were too tasty with spices, while some were bland. I guess Lori is right that we should give restaurants a good 2-3 months in operation before judging them for the quality of food they serve. So I will pause for now for my rants about Gumbo and I do hope that my readers who have a different experience with Gumbo (please post them in the comments). The last thing I wanted to do is post negative comments on my blog about restaurants. The reason I still posted Gumbo is that the interiors were lovely and the place is a very promising alternative to Fridays or Burgoo’s. Maybe we will just have our little amnesia phase about our experience with this place and check this out after some time, maybe after we finish off the MOA restaurants.

There was a free appetizer promo which is a spinach artichoke dip but it was also a disappointment. But I guess I cannot complain anymore since it is free. The garlic bread tasted homemade but with poor quality of bread. The Artichoke dip does not have consistency and tasted like unwanted calories.

The interiors are lovely and we were seated in a cozy French Quarters section with this view of the main dining area. We hate to go but when we were disappointed with the two dishes we tasted, we decided to go to Rice Table (I’ll cover this in the next post) instead.

The servers are very nice and the facade is very inviting and tempting. It actually stands out among the restaurant row facing Manila Bay. It is located in between Pink Peppers and Grappas, in the north side of Mall of Asia. You won’t miss this in the second floor and this is a perfect place to eat before watching IMAX 🙂

I’ll give this a try again after 2-3 months and we will see before we give final judgement. Let me know what you think about Gumbo in the Mall of Asia.


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