Thanks to your blog, I have some idea where to go during my family’s visit to Manila this end of July specially the restaurants. Anyway, I thought I’d check with you (because I know you have vast knowledge on this…).

I will be visiting Manila with my family (wife and 11 y/o son) end of July. Do you have a recommendation for an out-of-town weekend (maybe 2-3 nights) outside Manila but w/in driving distance to get some fresh air, good food and to relax? Hope you can give me some suggestions?

Also, if time permits, any recommendations for an island resort outside Manila? Any recommendations for restaurants “not to miss” while in Manila? Looking forward to your recommendations.

Thanks. Gaio G.

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Hi Gaio,

I hope you don’t mind me sharing the answer with the rest of my readers. Also I’ve put in links so that you can read more information about the places I have blogged already:

Out-of-town weekend (2-3 nights),

one nice thing about the tropical island of the Philippines is that beaches are just 2-3 hours driving distance away from the city. Here are my favorites and recommendation:

1. Tagaytay and Calatagan/Nasugbu, Batangas. The nice thing about Calatagan or Nasugbu side of Batangas, aside from the beaches is that the halfway point is Tagaytay! There are a lot of itinerary choices to choose from. In Calatagan/ Nasugbu Batangas, the best places are exclusive so look for a relative who would have memberships/ access to either Tali Beach, Club Punta Fuego, or Playa Calatagan. If you don’t have any, my suggestion is to go to Golden Sunset Resort. In tagaytay, there are a lot of options already and my favorite includes Antonio’s (main), Cliffhouse restaurants, and Sonya’s garden.

2. San Juan Batangas Beaches. The hottest resorts in this side of Batangas continues to be La Luz, and recently opened Virgin Beach. You can also try Laiya Cocogrove but it is getting mixed reviews.

3. Subic! Zoobic! — If you want to experience a US style traffic system, decent beaches, duty free outlets and the best animal zoo in Manila, then Subic

is the place to be.

If you want an island getaway, then I would suggest these three places:

1. Puerto Galera Beach Resorts

2. Putipot island, Zambales. (I’ve never been here but I’m hearing raves about this place)

3. Corregidor Island — a beach getaway with historical education.

“Not to miss” Restaurants.

These are so far the best restaurants in the Philippines for me and it never fails to amaze people 🙂

1. Antonio’s in Tagaytay- Nothing beats an Antonio’s Dinner @ Tagaytay!

2. Je Sui Gourmand, Fort Bonifacio – Aidan’s Je Suis Gourmand Birthday Dinner

3. Ugu Bigyan, in Tiaong Quezon – [Viaje del Sol Series.6] Sumptuous Lunch @ Ugu Bigyan! and Quezon Culinary Series 10: Ugu Bigyan’s Secret Pottery Garden

I do hope these information helps you in your awesome vacation here in the Philippines.