Classic Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes (P43/ slice)

I’ve always wondered what Lori meant with this description of a chocolate cake in her post ” 5 of the best chocolate cakes in Manila ” :

“For me, a chocolate cake has to have structure – it shouldn’t be one big fudgy brownie slathered in icing. The cake should have “bite,” and a consistent crumb. The cake should be moist, an indication that it was mixed well, baked properly, and most importantly, not a week old. I’m not fond of eating cakes that are so dry it feels like my throat is being scrubbed with every swallow. Lastly, a good chocolate cake should have enough icing: ganache, marshmallow frosting, 7-minute icing, or simply the instant stuff from a can – whatever it may be, there should be enough of it. A cake that lacks icing is like eating kare-kare without bagoong or peanut butter without bread. Sure, it tastes good enough, but why settle for good enough? “

Finally I was able to taste the moist Chocolat cake that Lori is taking about ! I’m glad that Chocolat opened up a store in Mall of Asia and you should look out for this place when you are craving for that perfect chocolate cake dessert to finish your meal. Their place is actually hidden behind a huge pillar in the North parking towers.

This is one of those places that can impress your date in Mall Of Asia. This would give an impression that you are in-the-know about the best places to eat specially dessert. I teased my wife last friday that I know the perfect dessert place in Mall of Asia and she thought that I was just fooling around. She kept on guessing until we arrived at the place and finally ate the best Chocolate cake she ever tasted. Chocolates are always a winner with women so let’s just hope that she is not reading this post too 🙂

It was surprising also that their only piece of advertising poster was a printout of Lori’s description in her posts “5 of the best chocolate cakes in Manila

Chocolate Cakes from Chocolat (from
This little store in Quezon City is perhaps the best-kept secret of hard-core chocoholics. Called Chocolat: the Chocolate Baker’s Store, it’s a tiny place that sells a mishmash of baking equipment and surprisingly, wines too. There appears to be no order to the clutter here, which gives the place a somewhat homey feel that I like.

All is forgotten however, once I laid my eyes on the two chillers displaying the chocolate cakes. Obviously the star of the store, these are simple cakes, wet in their chocolate magnificence and enrobed in glistening fudge frosting. There are four kinds available, each differentiated by various sprinklings (chocolate chips, nuts, etc.): Classic, Kahlua, Irish, and Bailey’s. You can buy the cakes in slices, six-inch and nine-inch rounds (P250-P360).

When I visited Chocolat, a woman was sitting at the lone table in the room generously icing individual cake slices, an enormous pot of ganache sitting beside her. So deep and inviting was this ganache that I had to physically restrain myself from dipping my finger into the pot while the girl’s back was turned.

Despite the cakes’ alcoholic names, the alcohol is barely detectable, so have no worries about feeding these chocolate delights to children or non-drinkers like me. Frankly, it’s difficult to imagine a more honestly rendered chocolate cake.

Lori is now the defacto authority for the best desserts in the Philippines. I’m happy for her for setting that level of credibility and standard for other bloggers to emulate.

Bailey’s Deep Dark Chocolate Cake (P45/ Slice)

I love Bailey’s and putting it in a chocolate cake is a formula for diet amnesia. You can barely taste the alcohol but you can taste the bailey’s flavor once you take a bite with your chocolate slice. Although, my wife and I agreed that the classic one is still the best because of its simplicity in its chocolatey taste.

We also tried the spanish hot chocolate but it was a disappointment because of the lack of consistency in the chocolate. I can safely say that this is not part of their core competency 🙂

Chocolat has lovely interiors with a library bookshelf as a backdrop on the right side and a large rectangular mirror on top of a long leather covered seats on the left side. The place is small so I could imagine this place to be full of people hanging out on weekend nights after a hearty meal of what MOA food stores offer. I keep on reminding readers of my blog that the best time to go to Mall of Asia is during the weekdays specially on friday nights. But then, to those who live or work far away from MOA, you have no choice but to join the crowd on a weekend.

If you are not familiar with mall of asia, let me try to help you. Chocolat is located beside the elevator entrance in the north parking near the intersection of North Wing st. and Pacifica st.. For a bigger picture of the map, click here.


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