Ilonggo’s are very proud of Ted’s Old Timer La Paz Batchoy and they opened their 6th branch in SM Mall of Asia! I’m glad that Ted’s Batchoy is near Makati already so that it is easy to satisfy that craving for authentic Batchoy. What I love about it is they have a 100% beef Batchoy rather than just the pork version. Batchoy goes very well with puto manapla and it is also available here. Their menu is very simple and the ambiance is simple.

Now since this is in the Mall of Asia, it might be tricky to find this. I’ll tell you exactly where it is.

This is the simple menu counter of Ted’s Original La Paz Batchoy and even simple interiors.

In this big mall, Ted’s is located in the first floor of the South Parking building. It is exactly in the corner where Pacifica and Marina Bay roads intersect. Simply, it is located in the southern most tip/ corner in the photo above.