I was so excited about the opening of the IMAX theater in the Philippines that I summed up all the courage and patience to watch Everest in IMAX during the grand opening of the Mall of Asia last Sunday. Everest film was breathtaking (I’ll cover Everest in a separate post) and you will truly appreciate the feat accomplished by Leo Oracion, Pastor Emata, and Romi Garduce in climbing the top of the world. The focus of this post is IMAX and I’ll give you a sneak peak on what to expect during your first IMAX experience 🙂

Top 10 IMAX highlights:
— You’ll be awestruck by the sheer size of a 20m x 33m 8 stories high Wide Screen. I tried to capture the screen and give a perspective on how huge it is!
— There are 560 seats in the theater and the show was sold out! Just see how big the theater is.
— The rows are from A to P with A being the first row in front of the screen. Trust me, you don’t want to be in A and we were seated in G but still it feels too close. My advise get seats near P and in the center around seat 20+.
— There are two entrances in the first floor. The right entrance was supposed to be an entrance for seats 1-21 while the left was for seats 22-44. If you are on the wrong entrance, don’t worry just tell the person that you don’t mind entering the wrong entrance and walk all the way to your seat because it ain’t that far to walk.
— The exit was on the second floor at the back of the theater. I can imagine in an emergency you don’t want to be stucked in the middle of the IMAX theater so make sure you position yourself near the exit. So if I were to watch again, I’ll choose row P, single digit seats.
— IMAX is located in the north side of Mall of Asia. So I suggest that you park in the north side open space. I’ll posted a map of the mall of asia below to give you an orientation where IMAX is. You don’t want to be caught parking on the south side, it is too far from IMAX.
— The IMAX shows is only for 45 minutes compared to the regular 1.5-2 hours show.
— There are two shows available that is currently showing the Nascar Racing which is a 3d show for P200 and Everest which is a 2d show for P150. Superman Returns will be showing in late June, so this is the movie to watch out in IMAX!
— The IMAX Theater is sponsored by San Miguel and Coca Cola, so expect this theme throughout the theater. San Miguel Beer anyone during the movie? bad idea…
— Food and drinks are allowed inside the theater. But please as a courtesy to the next people watching the IMAX shows, please clean your trash and put them in the trash can.

Please watch Everest and you’ll admire how our Filipino climbers (Leo Oracion, Pastor Emata, and Romi Garduce) were very successful in climbing Mt. Everest.

You can buy your IMAX ticket in the theater itself but my advise is buy it in the second floor where there is a shorter queue. For perspective the second floor is where the regular cinema is, and they can sell tickets for IMAX also.

Is this the first San Miguel Branded Store in the Philippines? I would think so.

The Coca-Cola lounge. This reminds me so much about the theater lobbies in the US. Well done.

Aidan’s first movie!! Imagine that and it was an IMAX Everest movie 🙂 Fortunately, babies more than 12 months can be admittedly already in the theater. Unfortunately, you have to pay the same amount of P150 since he would occupy one seat, ouch!

Another perspective on how big the screen is and watching Everest here is the next best thing than being in Everest.

Here are shows currently showing in Mall of Asia and I posted it here so that you can plan your trip well.

In Everest, there is a 11am first showing, 2pm show (FEW above, this is the time I watched the show), 5pm, 8pm and 11pm Last full show. It alternates with 3d Nascar showing. I always 3d nascar next time.

Where is IMAX? OK, I’ll orient you with this map. The South Parking (Yellow) faces the Church of the Way, the Truth and the Life. The Main Mall (Blue) is the center where it is directly in front of the Mall of Asia Globe. The Entertainment Mall (Green) faces Manila Bay. The IMAX Theater is located in the corner intersecting the North Parking (where the DELL call center is located) and the Entertainment Mall. There are open air parking spaces outside IMAX so find some parking slots there. I don’t advise the 5 story parking towers… believe me this is the last place you want to park.


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